My First Ever WordPress Blog… MMA/BOXING/TRAINING….So Bare With Me

This is My First Ever WordPress Blog, well Blog in General, it has been a good 8 months in the making – yeah I know one of these does not take that long to set up, but since it was my good friends Idea for me to do a Blog between his work schedule and my own, getting the right mix of the things I wanted and how I wanted it too look has been lets just say trying, and as I still get to grips with this Blog I will be adding more features & designs, so please bare with me.

Since this is my first ever Blog it is really only a Tester blog as such to see where I need to move things around, add things etc but also a good time to make everyone know that My Blog is now live.

Primarily set up as I was attending so many MMA and Boxing events my friend thought I should write about them, but aswell as having my views on the events I have attended, My Blog will also consist of all things MMA related, Boxing  since Froch v Kessler has now revived the long dead scene in my eyes! General views on Daily Life and Martial Training, Dealing With The Kids, but more importantly I think, I will be #KeepingItReal throughout, Saying it how it is, #HardHitting, These are all my own views and any of you that know me or have spoken to me on Twitter or Facebook know that I Say It How It is…. You Wont Like Wot I Have To Say More Than Likely Most Of  The Time, but to be honest  i’m only saying what most people are thinking and just dont wont admit to it….


                                                                                                                                UFC 158


Dont Be Scared Homie

ONLY 16 DAYS 2 GO!!!

Author: Emma Bramford

Having been around combat sport for over two decades, my passion for MMA and Boxing just grows and grows. I am a former columnist for MMA Uncaged Magazine and currently contribute to Fighters Only and other leading MMA sites.

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