This original piece took place on June 2nd 2014 after the May 31st fight.

Ogle weigh-in

Andy Ogle (9-5)  vs Maximo Blanco (10-6-1) was a fight in which was billed as a ‘must-win’ fight for both fighters with all to lose; at the weigh-ins, we saw a lot of ‘alleged’ ‘trash’ talk by Andy Ogle to Maximo Blanco but was this one-sided? The only people there were, of course, the fighters themselves, their management and UFC representatives, I doubt we will ever know the true story, but this is what we do know for sure.

On fight night when the cage door closed there were only three men in the octagon; Andy Ogle, Maximo Blanco and Referee Wolf Menninger.


Wolf Menninger gave his usual instructions ‘fighter ready Maximo’ ‘Fighter ready Andy’’ the camera is on Andy Ogle and he nods. He then gives a thumbs up in the direction of Maximo Blanco (Wolf Menninger is against the octagon fence to Ogle’s left so the thumbs up are not for him), Wolf Menninger calls ‘fight’, what happens next is what is open for debate.


Ogle moves in to near the centre of the octagon with his left hand raised to touch gloves with Blanco but Blanco is already coming out with all guns blazing, running straight for the centre of the octagon and landed a flying kick to Ogle’s mouth.

Ogle went down and Blanco then proceeded to pounce on him to unleash some brutal ground and pound for the 20 odd seconds or so but Ogle weathered the storm, got back to his feet albeit briefly but he recovered from the initial flying kick that started this opening round and continued to take Maximo the full three rounds.

Okay so first things first, that was an awesome Flying Kick from Maximo and congratulations on his win. Secondly props to Andy for recovering from the initial onslaught and surviving the round.  His manager, Brian Butler, commented earlier today when I posted my sentiments up on my Facebook page, he was short and to the point, “As maxis manager, I say If your gonna “respect” your opponent then do it all the way through. The kid talked a lot and showed no respect early on so maxi blasted him. Well done. I think it was obvious maxi was on attack mode when he ran across the cage… If he couldn’t see that coming then he is blind…”

‘Fighting is all about winning’. Although touching of the gloves is a sign of respect, you have plenty of time for that before the fight such as ‘weigh-ins, when the ref faces you off and explains the rules again and more importantly after the fight’ when the bell sounds it is down to business it is a FIGHT.



Author: Emma Bramford

Having been around combat sport for over two decades, my passion for MMA and Boxing just grows and grows. I am a former columnist for MMA Uncaged Magazine and currently contribute to Fighters Only and other leading MMA sites.

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