OneFC Title Belt
OneFC Title Belt

On July 11th we got to see Chi Lewis-Parry makes his second apperance for promotion ONEFC. He was tasked with his original opponent ‘Alain Ngalani‘ in a Re-Match after his first bout for the promotion on May 30th ended in a No Contest, after an accidental Low Blow.

I managed to get some time with Chi before this bout, where we discussed many things, one being, The Re-Match.

Chi Lewis-Parry v Alain Ngalani - Face Off
Chi Lewis-Parry v Alain Ngalani – Face Off

Here you can read Part 1 of that interview :

On July 11th we get to see the re-match of Chi and Alain Ngalani in Taipe, Taiwan.

How are you feeling knowing you have the re-match with Ngalani

I wasn’t sure I was going to get the re-match straight away. I thought I might have had to fight someone else before him, but I’m glad I’ve got it, it’s happening, it is still fresh. He is still in there in the air I breathe and I still haven’t got that monkey off my back so to speak.  I need to put this one to bed so I can move on’.

And obviously only sharing the octagon for only 40 seconds with Ngalani in his first meeting. I asked what if anything did he learn about Ngalani

‘I noticed he was very strong, has a very orthodox clinch move’

And will he change any of his game plan going into this re-match at all

‘make sure my knee hits above the belt! He doesn’t know what I’m coming with, I’m still an unknown entity’.

How do you go about preparing for an athlete of Ngalani’s calibre 

you cannot find people like him every single day, he is unique, you can’t find people built like him or move like him, he’s a unique human being, that’s if you can call him human. He looks fantastic, he’s supple, he kicks hard. He is 39. He’s peaking as he gets older, you can’t really emulate him, you can drill something a 1000 times, but when you get to fight, it doesn’t happen. I know what he likes to throw, I know it’s about reading him, I know when he likes to throw it , it is about reading him before he likes to throw it, I picked it up from Alistair, I’m sure Ngalani does not hit as hard as Alistair, I take comfort in knowing I can take a kicking from Alistair’.

Both of you have not gone past the first round in any of your fights [bar your debut MMA fight with Ollie Beard], we were expecting fireworks the first time and got to example a tiny fraction of that, what ‘explosions’ are we going to see this time round

‘I’m not a jump from the gate and start sprinting guy, I’m more composed.  I don’t really have a formula  but quouting conor mcgregor  “it’s a fight what happens happens” it’s a sport, I can work mount escapes for six months and get into the fight and get nothing, work everything, play towards making his strengths his weakness and see how it goes’.

‘You don’t get to predict how the wave is going how to crash when you’re riding it,  you just have to ride it and see how it happens’ 

Being the humble athlete Chi is he does not make predications but he did leave me with this:

I will guarantee a tremendous performance from both of us, one warrior will win, one warrior will lose, both of us will leave as friends’.

Chi Lewis-Parry - Weigh-In
Chi Lewis-Parry – Weigh-In 243 lbs

Thursday July 10th

Chi weighed in at 243 lbs and Alain Ngalani  weighing-in at 231 lbs, everything was now set for Friday’s Main Card action.

Friday July 11th

As the actual event started, Lewis-Parry was getting the better of Ngalani in the stand up and striking. Ngalani went for the takedown by way of  a Judo trip,then gained  full mount against the side of the cage.  From top position, Ngalani hit Lewis-Parry with a series of elbows but that did not seem to faze Lewis-Parry, he returned his own shots, this time, three thunderous bodyshots to Ngalani. With a little bit of a ‘stale mate’ Lewis-Parry then quickly sweeps in an reversal. In side control, Parry struck Ngalani with vicious elbows to the head and followed that up with a couple more, knocking out Ngalani at the 4 minute 11 second mark of the first round.


You can catch the onslaught of Lewis-Parry’s vicious elbows here, courtesy of Zombie Prophet :



Chi Lewis-Parry is now 6-0 and has finished every oppenent in the first round. 

You can follow Chi on Twitter : https://twitter.com/ThebossmanCLP

On Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/chi.lewisparry?fref=ts

On his Website : http://chilewisparry.co.uk/

You can also support ‘Chopper’ Chi Lewis-Parry  in his clothing range here: https://www.etsy.com/people/chopperchi

Chi would like to thank the following people: Absolutely everyone on my Facebook who has taken an interest in me, everyone who has actively supporteted me, my partner and my boy, my mum, Pete Mercer, Danny Brennan, Ollie Beard and Mogul Management.

Check back for Part 2, where Chi talks about his Goals, Aspirations, who he would like as his next opponent, his invitation to train at Jackson’s MMA, his friendship with Alistair Overeem and much more.

Photo Credits: OneFC/ Danny Brennan






Author: Emma Bramford

Having been around combat sport for over two decades, my passion for MMA and Boxing just grows and grows. I am a former columnist for MMA Uncaged Magazine and currently contribute to Fighters Only and other leading MMA sites.


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