‘Alex Brunnen does not pose a challenge to me’ – Brad Watchorn

Brad Watchorn [5-6] will be stepping into the cage this Saturday, August 1st at Raged UK MMA 2 in Swindon, at the M.E.C.A, where he will be going into enemy territory and facing hometown favourite Alex Brunnen [3-2].

Brad Bellator Watchorn

The 25-year-old from Bracknell, Berkshire is no stranger to entering ‘enemy territory’ so to speak, being a former Grenadier Guard in the Military has taught Brad that stepping into enemy territory is to be doing something you love and is all part and parcel of your job.

Finding a love for Boxing aged 8, Brad decided that is where he would first start his journey into what has now evolved into MMA, but it was not a straight path of just MMA that interested Brad.

“I started boxing when I was about 8 years old down at the local boxing gym and as I was going through my teenage years I started to get into a lot of street fights, I mean a lot, to a point where I knew I needed to go and focus on something.  So I found Ian Hawkins gym and I started to train there”

Since the first time he could lace up his own Ice Skates he had always had an interest in Ice Hockey, so much so, Brad made the Professional Ice Hockey Team at the age of 15 playing for the Bracknell Bees which also enabled him to travel to Canada for 2 years to play over there and gain even further experience.

“I’ve been skating since as long as I can remember from around 5 years old. I worked my way up from the Junior set-up in Bracknell to the Pro team at 15. Ice Hockey players are of a special, different kind of breed. It’s a fast paced contact sport with a close-knit ‘family team’ vibe. From the road trips to hanging out together you are all part of a team which even extends itself to the infamous ice hockey ‘fights’ on the rink.”

Brad Watchhorn (Bracknell Bees) and  Nicky Watt (Swindon Wildcats) at link centre Swindon by bluelinephotography.co.uk

Upon leaving the Military Brad now juggles working full-time as a Roofer, competing in professional MMA and also professional Ice Hockey, let alone all the training involved for both sports which leaves little to no time for any down time.

“It’s not too bad when the hockey season is on its off-season but when the season is on there is not a lot of spare time. But I always make time and spend time with my daughter no matter what. Family time is important to me.”

Fighting out of Fight Science Gym in Aldershot owned by legendary MMA fighter Nick ‘Headhunter’ Chapman and occasional visits to The Bat Cave for sessions with Brendan Flannigan, Brad is looking forward to Saturday nights event with Alex Brunnen.

“There’s been a bit of banter on social media, mainly by Alex with quite a few private messages I’ve had, which in fairness I find him hilarious. He’s a rangy fighter like myself but come Saturday I’m going to stand and bang with him”

From going from ‘The Warrior’ to ‘Bellator’ which is latin for Warrior, a name given to him by veteran fighter Ian Hawkins, come Saturday night with an army full of ‘Watchorn’ fans making their way down to Swindon one thing is for sure this is going to be one exciting, fast paced, explosive fight.

Brad would like to thank the following people:

The Fight Connection, Fight Science, Paul Dash

Tickets available from all fighters, The Forum, The Khyber, DREAMLOUNGE, Sailor’s grave or www.swindontickets.co.uk  £20 Standard  £40 V.I.P

Photo Credit Main: Jack Moggridge

Photo Credit 1: Graham Finney

Photo Credit 2: bluelinephotography.co.uk

Author: Emma Bramford

Having been around combat sport for over two decades, my passion for MMA and Boxing just grows and grows. I am a former columnist for MMA Uncaged Magazine and currently contribute to Fighters Only and other leading MMA sites.

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