RAGED UK MMA – Event Play-by-Play Action March 7th Event

RAGED UK MMA, held their first event (under their new promotion name) last night [March 7th] at MECA Swindon to a new breed of sports fan in the town.

The event which was billed to showcase local, amateur and professional fighters, was also to highlight the growing sport of MMA in Swindon.

With local gym Swindon Vale Tudo/Scorpion Kickboxing Gym being the host club, having five fighters compete on the night; which was meant to be six but 20 mins before Craig Rawlins was due to go out, his opponent Mathew Thorn, withdrew, citing a shoulder injury during warming-up the host club did not let the home fans down, securing five out of five wins.

The night was a huge success for everyone and Promoter Gary Turland really did pull out all the stops for his second show, so much so, RAGED 2 is now already starting to be matched for their summer show.

Below is my play-by-play account of all the action that happened on the night.

Disclaimer: Although every effort is given to give a clear and precise account of actual events, due to the nature of where I am seated, it is at times difficult to view every aspect of every fight through everyone’s angle, therefore this play-by-play is my account from my view.


Gary Turland RAGED UK MMA Promoter (c) Point 5 Photography
Gary Turland RAGED UK MMA Promoter
(c) Point 5 Photography

Tommy Taylor  vs  Jake Oliver  Amateur 89kg  3×3 mins

Round 1  Jake Oliver open ups the round straight on the attack and straight in with punches, Tommy Taylor comes back with leg kicks and a spinning leg kick. Oliver goes in and clinches up with Taylor, Taylor trying to avoid this leaves his neck out and Oliver tries for a standing guillotine to no avail. (referee Nathan Webb stops action briefly as the standing guillotine was curving on Taylor’s spine which is not allowed), action continues for which both men are landing with their own shots, back and forth in some great exchanges. Oliver manages to get the takedown and is angling for a submission but Taylor is no easy feat as he himself is trying to get a submission and attempts an Armbar just as the round closes out.

Round 2  Tommy Taylor playing it smart and keeping Oliver on the end of his punches, Oliver does a spinning kick and follows through with a superman punch. Taylor gains ground control and he is on his back as Oliver is dishing out punches to Taylor’s face, he let’s Taylor stand back up and both guys once again exchange shots back and forth in this exciting fight. After a scramble the action is back on the canvas as Oliver attempts an Armbar in the final few seconds in this second round but he gives up on the submission to end the round off on top of Taylor dishing out some GnP.

Round 3  Tommy Taylor is straight out with a sense of urgency and manages to get Oliver towards the cage fence and is kneeing Oliver. Oliver is holding his own as Taylor is now trying for a single leg but the attempt fails for which Oliver returns with a great kick followed by a one, two punch combination.  Taylor manages to get Oliver to the canvas but Oliver lands on top in top position and starts dishing out some GnP, Taylor rolls to his side to try to evade Oliver’s shots and ends up trying to turtle with Oliver still firmly attached to Taylor as Oliver has him in a figure four body lock, all the while still raining blows anyway he can on Taylor. Taylor manages to reverse out of the body lock position in the final few seconds of this third round to end up in top position, on top of Oliver.

Winner Jake Oliver Def Tommy Taylor Via UD 

Jake Oliver at RAGED UK MMA (C) Point 5 Photography
Jake Oliver at RAGED UK MMA
(C) Point 5 Photography

Wes Thomas  vs Dean Hart  Amateur 64kg  3×3 mins 

Round 1  Dean Hart is straight out and is straight in with vicious leg kicks to Wes Thomas.  Thomas tries to grab Hart’s leg to take him down for which he succeeds briefly as Hart pops straight back up.  Hart lands another vicious leg kick which buckles Thomas who goes to the ground and referee Nathan Webb stops the fight.

Winner Dean Hart Def  Wes Thomas Via Strikes (Leg) 0.54 seconds Round one

Dean Hart at RAGED UK MMA (c) Point 5 Photography
Dean Hart at RAGED UK MMA
(c) Point 5 Photography

Jay Thomas  vs  Guy Lewis  PRO 73kg  3×5 mins

Round 1  Jay Thomas comes out and tries to get Guy Lewis against the cage, both guys scramble with some great reversals from both and ultimately Thomas ends up on bottom in a side position, all the while punching and using short elbows, trying to gain top postion on Lewis. Thomas rolls onto his back, with Lewis in a dominant position he is pummeling on shots.  Thomas is in no position to defend himself as Lewis is raining down shots and referee Nathan Webb calls a halt to the action.

Winner Guy Lewis Def Jay Thomas Via Strikes (GnP) 2 mins 31 secs Round One

Guy Lewis vs Jay Thomas at RAGED UK MMA (c) Point 5 Photography
Guy Lewis vs Jay Thomas at RAGED UK MMA
(c) Point 5 Photography


Guy Lewis at RAGED UK MMA (c) Point 5 Photography
Guy Lewis at RAGED UK MMA
(c) Point 5 Photography

Jim Lane  vs  Tom Enstone  Amateur 77kg  3×3 mins

Round 1  Tom Enstone is straight out first with fierce leg kicks, he then manages to take Jim Lane down leaving his neck exposed for which Lane capitalizes on and catches Enstone in a Guillotine.  Enstone is trying hard to get out of the guillotine by walking round on his side which eventually pays off as he manages to escape Lane’s hold and gain’s top position, once out Enstone is not holding back as he throws down furious and vicious punches and hammer fists, he then attempts an Armbar for which is not fully locked in at first attempt so he slightly adjusts himself and then finds Jim Lane tapping to his awesome Armbar.

Winner  Tom Enstone Def  Jim Lane Via Armbar 2 mins 28secs Round One

Tom Enstone SUBMITTING Jim Lane Via ARMBAR  (c) Point 5 Photography
Tom Enstone submitting Jim Lane Via ARMBAR
(c) Point 5 Photography
Tom Enstone at RAGED UK MMA (c) Point 5 Photography
Tom Enstone at RAGED UK MMA
(c) Point 5 Photography

Terry Webster  vs  Dave ‘Nemo’ Llewellyn  PRO  HW  3×5 mins

Round 1  Terry Webster comes out fast and so does Nemo but its Webster who knocks Nemo down, Nemo is down straight away and for a brief moment Webster manages to throw some leather, but Nemo gains top position, he losses position briefly but regains it, then Nemo starts to unleash his brutal Elbows, throwing punches which opens up a huge cut above Webster’s eye with vicious GnP. Referee Nathan Webb calls a halt to the action.

Winner Dave ‘Nemo’ Llewellyn Def Terry Webster Via TKO (GnP) 1 min 03 secs Round One

Nemo GnP at RAGED UK MMA (c) Point 5 Photography
(c) Point 5 Photography
Nemo at RAGED UK MMA (c) Point 5 Photography
(c) Point 5 Photography

Reece Pearson  vs  Adam Little  Amateur 66kg  3×3 mins 

Round 1  Adam Little is straight out with a hard leg kick to the thigh of Reece Pearson followed by a straight jab, a few more leg kicks follows by a kick to Pearson’s head, who then instantly falls face first into the canvas, Little does go off for a premature celebration and to his and everyone around’s astonishment Pearson gets back up of the floor and stands up, Referee Nathan Webb says continue and from that moment, Little is like a Bull in a China shop. He rushes over to where Pearson has just stood up, straight in with ferocious punches hoping, this time to finish the job off. Pearson attempts to grab at Little’s leg for a takedown but leaves his neck out and Little capitalizes on this and sinks in a Standing Guillotine for which Pearson has no time to ‘Tap’ too as he goes to ‘Sleep’.

WINNER Adam Little Def Reece Pearson Via Standing guillotine 0.45 secs Round One – This was my #FOTN

Adam Little putting Reece Pearson to sleep via Standing Guillotine at RAGED UK MMA (c) Point 5 Photography
Adam Little putting Reece Pearson to sleep via Standing Guillotine at RAGED UK MMA
(c) Point 5 Photography
Adam Little at RAGED UK MMA (c) Point 5 Photography
Adam Little at RAGED UK MMA
(c) Point 5 Photography

Tyler John Thomas vs Alex Brunnen PRO  73kgs  3×5 mins

Round 1  Tyler Thomas comes in and fakes a low kick, looks to take Alex Brunnen down, pushing him up against the cage. Brunnen gains underhooks and pushes Thomas back off. Brunnen lands a front kick for which lands on Thomas’s head who again is in the middle of an attempt for another takedown of Brunnen, pushing towards the cage, Brunnen has a great position of Thomas to his left side, placing himself seated on the canvas with his left arm still positioned firmly around Thomas’s right side, all the while he is landing the odd shot with his right fist. There is a scramble as Thomas is pushing Brunnen a lot more against the cage but both fighters mange to get back to their feet. Brunnen in again with a front kick followed by a few punches, Thomas looks for yet another takedown but Brunnen is wise to his game. Both fighter’s exchange a few more punches before Thomas once again comes in, this time charging, with an attempt at another takedown for which Brunnen is pushed across the octagon and up against the cage; with his wide defence stance and tight grip of Thomas, Brunnen again seats himself onto the canvas, adjusting his position, after sensing that Thomas has left his neck out (just like he did on the last takedown attempt), rolls him slightly to his right to gain the victory via Power Guillotine.

Winner Alex Brunnen Def  Tyler John Thomas Via Power Guillotine 1 min 32 Secs Round One 

Alex Brunnen front kick to head of Tyler Thomas at RAGED UK MMA (c) Point 5 Photography
Alex Brunnen front kick to head of Tyler Thomas at RAGED UK MMA
(c) Point 5 Photography
Alex Brunnen at RAGED UK MMA (c) Point 5 Photography
Alex Brunnen at RAGED UK MMA
(c) Point 5 Photography

Jesse Jarvis vs Phil Wells PRO 77kg 3×5 mins

Round 1  Jesse Jarvis is first out and boy he is like what a red rag is to a bull, he comes rushing out at Phil Wells, rushing him against the cage, throwing wild punches for which a few land, he attempts a standing guillotine but Wells is far to slick and the attempt fails. Wells then picks up Jarvis and slams him to the canvas for which the crowd erupt into a chant of ” Wellsy, Wellsy, Wellsy”, Wells is then in top position for where he lands vicious Ground and Pound with his elbows cutting open Jarvis. Wells carries on the onslaught of pounding and pounding, viciously until referee Nathan Webb had finally saw enough of the action and called a stop to the fight.

Winner Phil Wells Def Jesse Jarvis Via GnP 2 mins 39 secs Round One

Phil Wells damage is done at RAGED UK MMA (c) Point 5 Photography
Phil Wells damage is done at RAGED UK MMA
(c) Point 5 Photography
Phil Wells at RAGED UK MMA (c) Point 5 Photography
Phil Wells at RAGED UK MMA
(c) Point 5 Photography


Photo Credits: Point 5 Photography




RAGED UK MMA coming to Swindon March 7th

Swindon based promoter Gary Turland and Trainer Michael ‘Oz’ Osbourne are bringing Professional and Amateur MMA back to the town of Swindon.

After a long absence of the highly rated sport and to fill the gap in the market to showcase homegrown up and coming talent, RAGED UK is happening on March 7th at MECA, Swindon which will host a fight card of amateur MMA, along with professional MMA headlined by Swindon’s Phil Wells and Alex Brunnen.



Full Fight Card 

Tommy Taylor vs Jake Oliver Amateur MMA 89k

Wes Thomas vs Dean Hart Amateur MMA 64k

Jay Thomas vs Guy Lewis PRO MMA 73k

Tyler John Thomas vs Shane Mansfield PRO MMA 75k

Jim Lane vs Tom Enstone Amateur MMA 77k

Terry Webster vs Dave ‘Nemo’ Llewellyn PRO MMA HW

Matthew D Thorn vs Craig Rawlins Amateur MMA 80k

Reece Pearson vs Adam Little Amateur MMA 66k

Julian Kerr vs Alex Brunnen PRO MMA 73k

Jesse Jarvis vs Phil Wells PRO MMA 77k

Tickets are £20 and £40 VIP available from all fighters, The Forum, The Khyber; alternatively  you can buy online at  www.swindontickets.co.uk or  click on their social media pages Facebook/Twitter.

Tickets will be available on the door (subject to availability)

Catch up Season One…. Commence…..Hector Lombard

As of late I have neglated my own wordsite, where in reality all the ‘interviews’ I gain should really be on here first then onto the appropriate site I am working with at that moment in time, and I feel it is now time to change the ‘ball game’ so to speak back to me having control of the ball, and it will resume in this way, from now!  But firstly before I jump ahead of the ‘season’ I will indulduge you in re-visiting all my previous work I have done in my short six months of writing, gaining exclusive access to exclusive interviews of UFC fighters, Bellator Fighters, Cage Warriors Fighters, Bamma Fighters, Invicta Fighters and Fighters on the Grass roots scene; Plus some of the events I had been  invited too,  as press for their event so they get the full coverage of the  promotion and a full write up of the nights action.

I’m going to start with the ‘Exclusive Hector Lombard’ Interview I did with him [Hector] earlier this year, when I first heard he was ‘made’ to  drop down in weight to Welterweight, so I reached out to him and we set up a telephone Interview and here is the final outcome;

You can read that ‘Exclusive‘ INTERVIEW I did with Hector Lombard here Image

“Although I’m currently at Welterweight Bisping is NOT out of the question”

In the run up to Hector Lombard’s return to the Octagon where he meets the heavy hitting Nate Marquardt on October 19th at UFC 166 in Houston, Texas I spoke with Hector in this exclusive interview.

EB: Your move down to Welterweight, how did this come about? Was it you who suggested it or did Joe Silva speak with you about this?

HL: Joe Silva wanted me to fight at welterweight, it was a decision for both parties.

EB: Do you feel it came out of the blue?

HL: It came out of the blue for me, not for him, they run the business, you got to do what the boss wants you to do.

EB: What are your personal thoughts on being, I guess, kind of ‘told’ to move down to Welterweight, when you yourself are happy at Middleweight?

HL: It was a long decision to make, it wasn’t made overnight, I thought long and hard about it. But now I am making the move it is going well.

EB: What do you think the logic is behind the move as your only other two losses prior to the UFC came when you were at Welterweight?

HL: That for me is hard to answer as they are the bosses and they say to me what to do.

EB: Are you feeling any pressure to impress Dana White, considering how vocal he has been about your performances since being with the UFC?

HL: There is always a pressure no matter what where you are going to be fighting, if you don’t perform there going to cut you no matter what weight you are fighting at, it’s part of the game, we are here to perform and we are here to entertain the fans, If you don’t do that, the fans don’t want to see you anymore, it goes with part of the territory.

EB: Are you finding that you have to drop muscle mass for the new weight division or is it just a change in diet or both?

HL: I have to drop muscle mass, remember I used to be all muscle before, I didn’t have any fat, I’ve learned that when you change your diet, your muscles begin eating up anyway regardless. I used to eat a lot of protein before, a lot of steak and stuff like that which will build your muscles, now I don’t eat steak or any red meat, so my muscles can stay smaller.

EB: I read that you maybe enlisting the help of Mike Dolce, is this true?

HL: I would of liked to have worked with Mike, but he is a very busy person so that has not happened, at the moment I am just gaining advice from my Team Mates and also Freshmealplan.com for helping me a lot with my healthy eating.

EB: Usually it is you that is doing the ‘calling out’ for your fights, how did you feel when Nate Marquardt ‘called’ you out?

HL: To be honest I was pretty happy with that, I have always wanted to fight Nate all my life, I’m glad that he actually reached out to me and called me out. I wish that Michael Bisping and the rest of the other fighters would do the same thing it would be a lot easier.

EB: There’s a bit of history with you and Nate Marquardt, you were due to fight on another promotion a few years ago, what was the story behind this?

HL: We were supposed to fight 2 years ago, I was calling him a ‘cheat’ and stuff like that, and he got upset, it did not happen, and I was very disappointed at the time, but 2 years on here we are!

EB: Are you worried that you will lose any of your explosive power, quickness or cardio going down to Welterweight?

HL: No my cardio will increase, usually when people lose weight you don’t have to carry an initial 20lbs that you had to carry before, I already feel I am a lot faster and a lot quicker and have a lot more strength, he (Nate) thinks that I am weak, that is why he has just challenged me, but I will prove him wrong.

EB: What can we expect from the new you, in the Welterweight division?

HL: I have to go back to my old days, just go back and rush in, knock people out, be the old Hector, they know I have the knock out power so there running away from me, its straight in and try to be crazy. It won’t be a technical fight, that won’t happen, they will run away, try to score points, and take the fight by decision, I don’t want to take it to the Judges, Judges don’t like me, probably because of the way I look

EB:Now that you’re in the Welterweight division are you disappointed that you won’t get to face Michael Bisping at all; as you were scheduled to meet him on your first outing for UFC for which Tim Boetsch replaced and you did later call out Bisping after your fight with Okami?

HL: Well look what has just happened, I was supposed to fight Nate Marquardt 2 years ago and were fighting in the UFC, anything can happen in the future and I’m sure that if its meant to happen, me and him will sort out all the bad things he has been saying, disappointed No, it will happen one day hopefully.

EB: On paper you and Nate are very similar, you both have fought Phalares and Okami; how do you see this fight for you being played out?

HL: Firstly my stand up is better, I believe I am a better fighter than him, but I have to prove it, come October 19th you will get to see my knock out power.

EB: Anyone you would like to thank?

HL: American Top Team, http://www.freshmealplan.com for helping me with my diet, my fans for keeping the faith and keeping me strong and The Lord Jesus Christ.


As a fighter what would your normal walk around weight be?

2yrs ago I would walk around at about 205lbs but after my last fight I was walking around at 225lb!

During your training camp what weight would you get down too before your final weight cut?

Around 20lbs.

How much Kgs of water weight do you cut when in training for a fight?
Each fight is different my last fight was difficult and was 15lbs, so I won’t be doing that again!

If you were to have a dinner party which 3 guests, past or present would you invite and why?

My Family, they are everything to me.

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