One day soon, I want to go back to Middleweight division to cause some damage and prove I can do better at that weight

Last year, August to be precise when I called the phone number Hector Lombard had given me, I did not know what to expect, that’s me being sceptical of anyone, not just for the fact that it was UFC Welterweight Hector Lombard who is known for his straight talking, and honesty. He was in fact in the middle of getting his car washed and quite happy to talk about his upcoming fight on UFC 166.

This time though it was fight week, for UFC 171,  Monday afternoon 3pm in Florida to be exact and 7pm here in the United Kingdom, something I don’t usually do is contact a fighter for an interview on fight week, but Hector was more than obliging so I dialled his number.

Hector was in good spirits, the only problem I was having was with technical issues my end, of all days, it had to be today which at times made our conversation a little hard, but all in all, considering it was fight week and Hector would be flying to Dallas for UFC 171 in the next day. Hector was a pleasure to interview and his honest usual self.

I would like to thank Hector for taking time out his busy schedule especially on fight week for this Interview.

EB.Now that you are at welterweight, how are you feeling having had previous long thoughts about dropping to the Welterweight Division?

HL. Now that I am at 170lb, I am feeling great. I am a lot faster, which will just add more danger in my knock out power.

EB. How has the transition gone from being a Middleweight to Welterweight?

HL. It was hard at first but you have to do what you have to do. I am finding it okay, it is a transition and it is going okay.

EB. When we last spoke, we spoke about if you were worried about losing any of your ‘explosive power, speed or cardio’ for the drop to Welterweight for the Nate Marquardt fight in which you clearly had not.  What did you credit that too?

HL. I trained hard, had the right nutrition, and managed the weight cut properly. Proved I could go down to Welterweight where the UFC wants me at the minute.

EB. Have you managed to enlist the help of Mike Dolce (we spoke about trying to enlist Mike’s help in our last Interview) or have you maintained your own nutritional methods and advice of others like ‘fresh meal plan’?

HL. I have been working with Fresh meal plan since my last fight.  It would have been good to work with Mike Dolce but he has been very busy with other fighters.  I am happy working with Fresh Meal plan, the nutrition and diet management I get from them is working great for me.

EB. Is the Welterweight Division going to be your new home in the UFC?

HL. Yes, I suppose. I hope one day UFC let me go back to Middleweight and get some fights there, especially now that I know how to cut the weight, cut the weight properly, professionally, healthy, all the right way.

One day soon, I want to go back to Middleweight division to cause some damage and prove I can do better at that weight.

EB. You are going to be facing Jake Shields at UFC 171 on Saturday March 15th in Dallas. How did the fight come about as I do not recall either of you ‘calling one another out’ this time?

HL. No, I did not call Jake Shields out!  Not many people want to face Jake Shields because he is very boring, a boring fighter and he makes fights boring.  People are scared of having a bad performance in the UFC, which I did not really care about, I am quite happy beating a person like that. Jake Shields will put me on the top. I am fighting him right now that is all that matters.

EB. When we last spoke you also stated ‘you will have to go back to your old days and knock people out’.  That you did to Nate Marduardt taking just 1min 48secs in Round one of your fight, do you see this happening with Jake Shields?

HL. Not many people want to fight Jake shields so I am up to the challenge. I am up for the opportunity, I am quite happy that I got the opportunity.

EB. This seems a classic ‘Grappler v Striker’ fight, what do you think Shields ‘Game plan’ will be as he is known to ‘Grind out a Decision Win’ and we know the Judges don’t tend to favour yourself when the fight ends in a decision?

I know the judges hate me.  If we go to a decision, I know I have lost. Even, if Jake wins or even if he loses, the judges always give the decision to Jake, I try not to go to decision. If it goes to decision, I know I am going to lose. I will try to perform well, I will try to make it an exciting fight, because I know I have to win the fight, decision winning there is no way for me.

EB. What can the fans expect to see in this fight?

HL. I hope that it is an exciting fight this time for Jake Shields and of course, I will make it exciting as I can.

EB. Your teammate, Robbie Lawler is Headlining for the Welterweight Title on the same night against Johnny Hendricks; can I ask you for your prediction?

HL. I definitely see Robbie winning the fight especially in the later rounds. Hendricks cuts a lot of weight, for which he will not recover from and will show, he will get tired in those later rounds.

I like Robbie and hope he wins the Title for our Gym, I will be there cheering for him, supporting him, hoping to celebrate with him and hoping it is a double celebration for us both.

EB. Secondly what are your personal thoughts on teammates and friends when it comes to fighting one another, is it something you would do?

HL. I do not like to fight my Team Mates!

EB. Jake Shields is a tough opponent to finish; for this training camp is there any area that you have been working on that little bit extra to add your overall game?

HL. I have been training a lot more Jiu jitsu at the moment, as that is what  Shields is known for and he uses to take all his fights to the floor! Apart from that, just sharpening up on the rest of my overall game.

EB. Is there anyone you would like to fight next?

HL. Michael Bisping. I have been asking for the fight since I have been in the UFC. He has been running away wishing me to lose so I can be out of his way and not call him out so we do not fight. I cannot wait until the day UFC gives me this opportunity to move back up to Middleweight and to fight Michael Bisping. It will be a good, exciting fight for everyone.

EB. I listened to the MMARoasted podcast. What is the story with Boxer ‘Adrien Broner’?

HL. Adrien Broner is a joke, he’s an idiot, he said ‘anyone can come to MMA and win a Title’, guess what then,  why doesn’t he come to MMA and get a Title if he thinks it’s that easy, come over here to MMA, win the Title then go back to Boxing. Realistically he cannot win the belt in his own sport; he walks around as if he is a playboy, with several different women, making porno’s putting it online himself! He pisses me off!

In MMA we learn Boxing, Jiu jitsu, wrestling, we have to know so much about the sport and then do it, and then perform in front of everybody, you then get a person who only does boxing and talks all that crap!

Do not get me wrong I love boxing; I respect the sport from The Fabulous Four (Marvin Hagler, Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns),  Ali to Tyson. I am a big fan of the sport in general, but when you get a person that tells people, what we do is easy who does not even do the sport himself, or has trained in the sport let alone had one fight in the sport, he is talking shit, and it is embarrassing. If you are going to talk shit about my sport, back it up.

He knows where to find me, I wish one day he would grow some balls and come to my gym or I to his gym and we do a sparring session and I will show him, I will knock him out in the first round, just boxing.

 EB. Is there anyone you would you like to Thank?

Fresh Meal Plan, ML Management, American Top Team, My Trainers, Coaches Hayabusa, Training Mask, Fear The Fighter, God for keeping me healthy for this fight, and The Lord Jesus Christ.

I then gave Hector my  not so ‘useless’ facts about me:

When he [Hector] fought Palhares on December 15th for which he won that was my birthday.

When he [Hector] fought Marquardt on October 19th for which he won that was my sisters birthday.

On March 15th when he [Hector] fights Shields that is my Sons birthday.

UFC 171takes place on Saturday March 15th , Dallas, American Airlines Center

 Headlined by Johny Hendricks vs Robbie Lawler for the vacant Welterweight Title more info here

If you missed my interview last August where Hector was Open and Honest and said back then, he wanted Michael Bisping, plus much more, you can read it here


Last post for 2013 – A lot of Thank You’s and some pictures :)

2013 1

It’s been a challenging year for me but I wouldn’t change it for one second, after all I got to do what so many of you still want to do and I have achieved all of it in the six months that I started this harsh challenge – which fell into my lap purely by coincidence (you will have to refer back to my very first blog read about that one)!

I will however give a big shout out to the person who got me started not only in writing my own blog but who introduced me to what I currently do, and that is Jonathan Millard, for whom I am forever grateful to.

What alot of people, more than likely do not know about me, is that I have been in the ‘combat sport industry’ for just over 20 years now, so I have legitmately worked my way up the ladder  – although, it’s fine for you to believe whatever you choose to believe, I personally don’t give a shit, again those that really know me, know that also!

I got to cover local grass root shows, which to me I have always been a great fan of and will always take time out of my schedule to go cover them as much as I can, I  covered Pain Pit 3 times, Ultimate Impact,  Into The Cage, Neilson Promotions White Collar Boxing then I also covered Cage Warriors, BAMMA and UFC Manchester, not bad even if I do say so myself!

Then a great event happend for UKMMA – The UKMMA Expo in Manchester and I got to be part of the only Media Team that had Access All Areas and when I say that, I truly mean that; not like all the other Media people that came in, the team I was with we were set up in the ‘Green Room’ with all our equipment and at one point their was one great surreal moment that I for one will never ever forget 🙂


It was a great run event by Darren Sherlock and Paul Crossley and of course Darren’s wife Michelle, all timed perefectly for when Michael Bisping would be in the UK, Manchester as it happens (his own town) and just after being announced he would be facing Mark Munoz, here also in Manchester in October (unfortuntaly due to Michael needing eye surgery he was forced to withdraw from the bout and Lyoto Machida replaced him)!

There were UFC athletes, Guest athletes, Guest speakers, Seminars to train with some of the  Guest athletes and stalls for the MMA community to come together and show there products of to the public; also there was the stall for SAFE MMA – for which I personally went over to Izzy Carnwath and spoke to her to see SAFE MMA  was all about, how promotions could get involved and WHY they should. I had such a better understanding afterwards.

Here is mine and Izzy’s SAFE MMA interview we also talk BAMMA 13


There was also a big NoGi BJJ competiton on, running throughout the Sunday which was awesome and six females took part amongst the hundreds of men.

At the show I managed to Video Interview (yes that was a very first for me) The Legend Ian ‘The Machine’ Freeman straight after his MMA Seminar – let me tell you know this guy is 100% gentleman when talking to him, Ian made my first video interview effortless (well I thought) 🙂

Here is mine and Ian’s interview:


I would however like to say a very big thank you to all the athlete’s I have worked with (so far)  without you giving up your time I would not of had your stories/journeys to write about and some very memorable moments to say the least, so in list of when  they were interviewed  here they all are:

Leigh Remedios

Alexei Roberts

Mario Saeed

War Machine

‘Rowdy’ Bec Hyatt

Ian ‘The Machine’ Freeman

Hector Lombard

Colin ‘Freakshow’ Fletcher

Bryony Tyrell

Aaron ‘Smackwell’ Blackwell

Jack ‘The Hammer’ Marshman

Lew Long

Jorge ‘Michelan’ Bezerra

Rosi Sexton

Faisel Ghazghazi

Mark ‘The hand of’ Godbeer

Lauren Murphy

And of course it would not be me, if I did not add in afew pictures of me with some of the athletes I had met 🙂


Have a great New Year.


PS I’ve kept all my boxing ones out of this one but look out for it next year  🙂 

Catch up Season One…. Commence…..Hector Lombard

As of late I have neglated my own wordsite, where in reality all the ‘interviews’ I gain should really be on here first then onto the appropriate site I am working with at that moment in time, and I feel it is now time to change the ‘ball game’ so to speak back to me having control of the ball, and it will resume in this way, from now!  But firstly before I jump ahead of the ‘season’ I will indulduge you in re-visiting all my previous work I have done in my short six months of writing, gaining exclusive access to exclusive interviews of UFC fighters, Bellator Fighters, Cage Warriors Fighters, Bamma Fighters, Invicta Fighters and Fighters on the Grass roots scene; Plus some of the events I had been  invited too,  as press for their event so they get the full coverage of the  promotion and a full write up of the nights action.

I’m going to start with the ‘Exclusive Hector Lombard’ Interview I did with him [Hector] earlier this year, when I first heard he was ‘made’ to  drop down in weight to Welterweight, so I reached out to him and we set up a telephone Interview and here is the final outcome;

You can read that ‘Exclusive‘ INTERVIEW I did with Hector Lombard here Image

“Although I’m currently at Welterweight Bisping is NOT out of the question”

In the run up to Hector Lombard’s return to the Octagon where he meets the heavy hitting Nate Marquardt on October 19th at UFC 166 in Houston, Texas I spoke with Hector in this exclusive interview.

EB: Your move down to Welterweight, how did this come about? Was it you who suggested it or did Joe Silva speak with you about this?

HL: Joe Silva wanted me to fight at welterweight, it was a decision for both parties.

EB: Do you feel it came out of the blue?

HL: It came out of the blue for me, not for him, they run the business, you got to do what the boss wants you to do.

EB: What are your personal thoughts on being, I guess, kind of ‘told’ to move down to Welterweight, when you yourself are happy at Middleweight?

HL: It was a long decision to make, it wasn’t made overnight, I thought long and hard about it. But now I am making the move it is going well.

EB: What do you think the logic is behind the move as your only other two losses prior to the UFC came when you were at Welterweight?

HL: That for me is hard to answer as they are the bosses and they say to me what to do.

EB: Are you feeling any pressure to impress Dana White, considering how vocal he has been about your performances since being with the UFC?

HL: There is always a pressure no matter what where you are going to be fighting, if you don’t perform there going to cut you no matter what weight you are fighting at, it’s part of the game, we are here to perform and we are here to entertain the fans, If you don’t do that, the fans don’t want to see you anymore, it goes with part of the territory.

EB: Are you finding that you have to drop muscle mass for the new weight division or is it just a change in diet or both?

HL: I have to drop muscle mass, remember I used to be all muscle before, I didn’t have any fat, I’ve learned that when you change your diet, your muscles begin eating up anyway regardless. I used to eat a lot of protein before, a lot of steak and stuff like that which will build your muscles, now I don’t eat steak or any red meat, so my muscles can stay smaller.

EB: I read that you maybe enlisting the help of Mike Dolce, is this true?

HL: I would of liked to have worked with Mike, but he is a very busy person so that has not happened, at the moment I am just gaining advice from my Team Mates and also Freshmealplan.com for helping me a lot with my healthy eating.

EB: Usually it is you that is doing the ‘calling out’ for your fights, how did you feel when Nate Marquardt ‘called’ you out?

HL: To be honest I was pretty happy with that, I have always wanted to fight Nate all my life, I’m glad that he actually reached out to me and called me out. I wish that Michael Bisping and the rest of the other fighters would do the same thing it would be a lot easier.

EB: There’s a bit of history with you and Nate Marquardt, you were due to fight on another promotion a few years ago, what was the story behind this?

HL: We were supposed to fight 2 years ago, I was calling him a ‘cheat’ and stuff like that, and he got upset, it did not happen, and I was very disappointed at the time, but 2 years on here we are!

EB: Are you worried that you will lose any of your explosive power, quickness or cardio going down to Welterweight?

HL: No my cardio will increase, usually when people lose weight you don’t have to carry an initial 20lbs that you had to carry before, I already feel I am a lot faster and a lot quicker and have a lot more strength, he (Nate) thinks that I am weak, that is why he has just challenged me, but I will prove him wrong.

EB: What can we expect from the new you, in the Welterweight division?

HL: I have to go back to my old days, just go back and rush in, knock people out, be the old Hector, they know I have the knock out power so there running away from me, its straight in and try to be crazy. It won’t be a technical fight, that won’t happen, they will run away, try to score points, and take the fight by decision, I don’t want to take it to the Judges, Judges don’t like me, probably because of the way I look

EB:Now that you’re in the Welterweight division are you disappointed that you won’t get to face Michael Bisping at all; as you were scheduled to meet him on your first outing for UFC for which Tim Boetsch replaced and you did later call out Bisping after your fight with Okami?

HL: Well look what has just happened, I was supposed to fight Nate Marquardt 2 years ago and were fighting in the UFC, anything can happen in the future and I’m sure that if its meant to happen, me and him will sort out all the bad things he has been saying, disappointed No, it will happen one day hopefully.

EB: On paper you and Nate are very similar, you both have fought Phalares and Okami; how do you see this fight for you being played out?

HL: Firstly my stand up is better, I believe I am a better fighter than him, but I have to prove it, come October 19th you will get to see my knock out power.

EB: Anyone you would like to thank?

HL: American Top Team, http://www.freshmealplan.com for helping me with my diet, my fans for keeping the faith and keeping me strong and The Lord Jesus Christ.


As a fighter what would your normal walk around weight be?

2yrs ago I would walk around at about 205lbs but after my last fight I was walking around at 225lb!

During your training camp what weight would you get down too before your final weight cut?

Around 20lbs.

How much Kgs of water weight do you cut when in training for a fight?
Each fight is different my last fight was difficult and was 15lbs, so I won’t be doing that again!

If you were to have a dinner party which 3 guests, past or present would you invite and why?

My Family, they are everything to me.

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