‘Rumble’ is playing with the ‘Lion’ shortly after UFC 191 was announced Via Twitter

It appears ever since that is was announced a few hours ago that Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson will be facing Jimi Manuwa next on UFC 191, they have taken to good old twitter for a nice, funny exchange of words.

rumble vs manuwa

Have a read below:

Read and enjoy. I know I did. 🙂

Twitter screen shot Anthony rumble v him manuwa

Screens hot Anthony rumble vs jimi manuwa

Screens hot Anthony rumble vs jimi manuwa

Screens hots Anthony rumble vs jimi manuwa

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did 🙂

UFC 191 comes from Las Vegas on September 5th.


The always fun, playful, UFC strawweight, athlete BEC RAWLINGS put this picture up on her Twitter last night.

Bec Rawlings Twitter Quote
Bec Rawlings Twitter Quote


Bec Rawlings 'Gash' picture ** Warning Grapic**
Bec Rawlings ‘Gash’ picture **Warning Grapic**

Here’s hoping Bec’s injury is not too severe and we see her kicking ass pretty soon in the octagon.


Henderson Main Tweet

As of late, Twitter has become increasingly popular within athletes of the MMA community, well not just the MMA community, as this is the field I am interested in, I guess this is just what I notice!

When, Gilbert Melendez sent out the following tweet, which opens up into his Instagram account with a picture of the UFC Belt, Anthony Pettis sent his reply [which is when it turns interesting].  Benson Henderson then sent his reply, which is the whole reason this article was wrote!

The whole series of tweets are here for you all to read:

Gil tweet

gill instagram



Pettis tweet

Henderson first tweet

Henderson Main Tweet


You can watch Gilbert Melendez and Anthony Pettis ‘Throwdown’ on December 6th at The Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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