‘Fight against Nate Diaz isn’t happening now’ Matt Brown

According to Matt Brown’s official Twitter, their scheduled fight will not be happening at UFC 189.

The UFC did announce the fight last week, but as soon as it was announced, Nate Diaz took to his Twitter account to state that he was not approached for that fight and he wants to fight former lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis instead.

Matt Brown Tweet
Matt Brown Tweet

Nate Diaz did appear on Monday’s The MMA Hour and explained his reason’s why he tweeted what he did:

It was just kind of like, ‘you’re fighting.’ Well then I guess I’m fighting. It’s all good, it’s in the past, it already happened. I just, I’m not into being tricked into fighting anymore. I think I should have a little more say. I think I’m older now, and like I said, if I’m going to fight, I think it should be worth my while, not just because they say I’m fighting and now I’m fighting. If someone got a hold of me, that’d be great, If not, it’s all good too. I don’t need to fight. Like I said, I don’t need to fight my life away. I’m all good with not fighting, so if they want to work that out, that’d be great. If not, I’ll be watching and tuning into the fights and making sure everything is going good and taking some time off relaxing.

Nate Diaz

The UFC are still to release an official comment on the cancellation of the Brown-Diaz fight but there is also a fourth spot left on that card!

Maybe, just maybe there will be a shock announcement, although as we now know, it will not be Anthony Pettis as he is now scheduled to meet Myles Jury on July 25th at UFC Fight Night Chicago.

Brazil Athletic Commission Overturn Silva vs. Dober fight to a NO CONTEST

After last weekend’s controversial stoppage decision, by referee, Eduardo Herdy at UFC Fight Night 62 in Rio de Janeiro where Herdy had decided to stop the action whilst Drew Dober was actively fighting his way out of an attempted guillotine choke by Leandro Silva, it has emerged now that the Brazilian Athletic commission have overturned the original decision of a win to Silva and made the fight, rightly so to a NO CONTEST bout.


Tweet from Drew Dober Thanking the Brazilian Athletic Commision
Tweet from Drew Dober Thanking the Brazilian Athletic commission


Tweet from Dana White stating the Leandro Silva vs Drew Dober fight is now a NO CONTEST
Tweet from Dana White stating the Leandro Silva vs Drew Dober fight is now a NO CONTEST


Tweet from Drew Dober Thanking the UFC
Tweet from Drew Dober Thanking the UFC

Rey Mysterio comments on death of Mexican Wrestler Pedro Aguayo Ramirez

Former WWE wrestler, Rey Mysterio has commented on the death of Pedro Aguayo Ramirez, who died following a tragic accident whilst wrestling in the ring before Rey Mysterio had set up his infamous ‘619’ move.


Rey Mysterio Tweet
Rey Mysterio Tweet


Rey Mysterious comments on the Death of Pedro Aguayo Ramirez
Rey Mysterio comments on the Death of Pedro Aguayo Ramirez

Rey had also sent out this tweet, one day after sending the above comment.

Rey Mysterious recent Tweet

Rey Mysterio recent Tweet


“Just a friendship of brothers that formed and began years ago . And we should not question God’s plan ”



It has been no real news, that Sarah Kaufman has been struggling to get a new opponent as of late, even going as far as creating the ‘cupcake’  instavideo to ‘call out’ Miesha Tate, to no avail.

Fast forward to last when Kaufman sent out the following tweet and instagram  message.

Sarah Kaufman Fight announcement tweet


Sarah Kaufman Instagram Fight announcement




The always fun, playful, UFC strawweight, athlete BEC RAWLINGS put this picture up on her Twitter last night.

Bec Rawlings Twitter Quote
Bec Rawlings Twitter Quote


Bec Rawlings 'Gash' picture ** Warning Grapic**
Bec Rawlings ‘Gash’ picture **Warning Grapic**

Here’s hoping Bec’s injury is not too severe and we see her kicking ass pretty soon in the octagon.


UFC Lightweight athlete Diego Sanchez was going about his normal training routine on Monday 26th January, when he shot in for a double leg take down and got hit with a hard knee breaking his collar-bone during the training session.


Diego Sanchez Graphic Surgery Picture
Diego Sanchez Graphic Surgery Picture

The surgery was a success. Diego is praying for a fast recovery (usually around 16 weeks) so training can resume.

We would like to wish Diego a speedy and healthy recovery, as I for one can not wait to see him back in the octagon where he belongs.


According to his Twitter,  UFC middleweight fighter Michael Bisping tweeted out the following :

Bisping Tweet
Bisping Tweet

After his [Diaz] defeat at the Weekend, it was stated he went Into the fight Injured with his left arm and was also considering what he would like to do next [due to the fact that, yes he is on a losing streak but his last fights have gone to  decisions,  which in his own words ‘ How do they score fights nowadays’. ]

Also,  Nick will now have to answer to an NSAC hearing due to him failing his post fight medical after his five round fight with Anderson Silva [for which Anderson Silva failed a pre fight medical test before the fight].

Also this was the first time Nick had moved up to 185 lbs – Middleweight division as he is a 170 lbs welterweight fighter.  Believing this to be a one time ‘fight’ at the 185 lbs – Middleweight division, but this is Nick Diaz we are talking about!

I, for one hope everything works out for Nick Diaz and he gets his break he actually deserves.

As for Michael Bisping wanting to ‘fight’ him – only time will tell.


In the latest of athlete’s to take to Twitter, I came across UFC female Bantamweight athlete Sarah Kaufman who had this to say:

Sarah Kaufman Tweet


Although to get the full appreciation you will have to go to Sarah’s Instagram page as it contained a 15 second Instavideo.  I have attached three pictures from this video, which is also accompanied by some ‘fitting’ music.  Enjoy. 🙂

Sarah Kaufman Cupcake


Sarah Kaufman Squash Cupcake


Sarah Kaufman Tate II Banner Instagram



Guess we will have to wait and see how long Miesha is out for with her Injury from the weekend. If Miesha responds and of course if Sean Shelby is considering the match up at all.


Hitting back on Twitter – Jessica Eye!



Jessica Eye
Jessica Eye


Jessica Eye
Jessica Eye


As I was checking  my twitter account, the above two, tweets appeared from  UFC Bantamweight athlete Jessica Eye. It goes back to when Chris Cyborg said she was ‘dropping down from 145 lbs to 135 lbs’ this was for three times once to beat Ronda Rousey,  second time to beat Ronda Rousey again and the third time to prove she is serious about the new weight division. Although ‘Cyborg’ gave a good speech, she has never [to date] delivered,  hence Jessica Eye tweeting what she did.





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