Hitting back on Twitter – Jessica Eye!



Jessica Eye
Jessica Eye


Jessica Eye
Jessica Eye


As I was checking  my twitter account, the above two, tweets appeared from  UFC Bantamweight athlete Jessica Eye. It goes back to when Chris Cyborg said she was ‘dropping down from 145 lbs to 135 lbs’ this was for three times once to beat Ronda Rousey,  second time to beat Ronda Rousey again and the third time to prove she is serious about the new weight division. Although ‘Cyborg’ gave a good speech, she has never [to date] delivered,  hence Jessica Eye tweeting what she did.





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Author: Emma Bramford

Having been around combat sport for over two decades, my passion for MMA and Boxing just grows and grows. I am a former columnist for MMA Uncaged Magazine and currently contribute to Fighters Only and other leading MMA sites.

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