Last post for 2013 – A lot of Thank You’s and some pictures :)

2013 1

It’s been a challenging year for me but I wouldn’t change it for one second, after all I got to do what so many of you still want to do and I have achieved all of it in the six months that I started this harsh challenge – which fell into my lap purely by coincidence (you will have to refer back to my very first blog read about that one)!

I will however give a big shout out to the person who got me started not only in writing my own blog but who introduced me to what I currently do, and that is Jonathan Millard, for whom I am forever grateful to.

What alot of people, more than likely do not know about me, is that I have been in the ‘combat sport industry’ for just over 20 years now, so I have legitmately worked my way up the ladder  – although, it’s fine for you to believe whatever you choose to believe, I personally don’t give a shit, again those that really know me, know that also!

I got to cover local grass root shows, which to me I have always been a great fan of and will always take time out of my schedule to go cover them as much as I can, I  covered Pain Pit 3 times, Ultimate Impact,  Into The Cage, Neilson Promotions White Collar Boxing then I also covered Cage Warriors, BAMMA and UFC Manchester, not bad even if I do say so myself!

Then a great event happend for UKMMA – The UKMMA Expo in Manchester and I got to be part of the only Media Team that had Access All Areas and when I say that, I truly mean that; not like all the other Media people that came in, the team I was with we were set up in the ‘Green Room’ with all our equipment and at one point their was one great surreal moment that I for one will never ever forget 🙂


It was a great run event by Darren Sherlock and Paul Crossley and of course Darren’s wife Michelle, all timed perefectly for when Michael Bisping would be in the UK, Manchester as it happens (his own town) and just after being announced he would be facing Mark Munoz, here also in Manchester in October (unfortuntaly due to Michael needing eye surgery he was forced to withdraw from the bout and Lyoto Machida replaced him)!

There were UFC athletes, Guest athletes, Guest speakers, Seminars to train with some of the  Guest athletes and stalls for the MMA community to come together and show there products of to the public; also there was the stall for SAFE MMA – for which I personally went over to Izzy Carnwath and spoke to her to see SAFE MMA  was all about, how promotions could get involved and WHY they should. I had such a better understanding afterwards.

Here is mine and Izzy’s SAFE MMA interview we also talk BAMMA 13

There was also a big NoGi BJJ competiton on, running throughout the Sunday which was awesome and six females took part amongst the hundreds of men.

At the show I managed to Video Interview (yes that was a very first for me) The Legend Ian ‘The Machine’ Freeman straight after his MMA Seminar – let me tell you know this guy is 100% gentleman when talking to him, Ian made my first video interview effortless (well I thought) 🙂

Here is mine and Ian’s interview:

I would however like to say a very big thank you to all the athlete’s I have worked with (so far)  without you giving up your time I would not of had your stories/journeys to write about and some very memorable moments to say the least, so in list of when  they were interviewed  here they all are:

Leigh Remedios

Alexei Roberts

Mario Saeed

War Machine

‘Rowdy’ Bec Hyatt

Ian ‘The Machine’ Freeman

Hector Lombard

Colin ‘Freakshow’ Fletcher

Bryony Tyrell

Aaron ‘Smackwell’ Blackwell

Jack ‘The Hammer’ Marshman

Lew Long

Jorge ‘Michelan’ Bezerra

Rosi Sexton

Faisel Ghazghazi

Mark ‘The hand of’ Godbeer

Lauren Murphy

And of course it would not be me, if I did not add in afew pictures of me with some of the athletes I had met 🙂


Have a great New Year.


PS I’ve kept all my boxing ones out of this one but look out for it next year  🙂 

Neilson Promotions Heavyweight Prizefighter Boxing Tournament 30th March


Neilson Promotions was set up in June 2008 by Eddie, Tony and Mark Neilson, with the intention of providing White Collar Boxing / Semi-Professional boxing Events in the Swindon Area.  

In the past Neilson Promotions have put on a couple of local shows purely in aid of charity. Now they have stepped up the game to make each show as close to a professional show as they possibly can, as you will have seen from their last few events; in doing so their last event made it into Wikipedia

On 13 October 2012, Neilson Promotions, a Swindon-based white collar boxing promoter, put on the largest show of its kind to date. A venue verified attendance of 1398 watched ten contests at the Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon with the main event seeing Dave ‘Bam Bam’ Gregory retain his NP Heavyweight title against Rich ‘The Tank’ Loveday over three rounds.

On Saturday March 30th Neilson Promotions will hold a Heavyweight Prizefighter Tournament, the first of its kind on the White Collar Scene in Swindon involving 8 Men battling it out for a grand cash prize of £2000 plus a £200 cash bonus for every KO on the night.


The eight warriors taking part in the tournament include former Walcot amateur boxer Scott Cadder and Stewart Johnson also a former amateur of Walcot ABC both of whom were trained under Harold Scott.

Next we have ‘Big’ Phil Williams who used to box for Penhill RBL several years ago.

‘Irish’ Danny Martin put on a great display at Neilson Promotions last event and will be looking to showcase his talents again in this tournament.

Nick Tuckett is more known for his MMA, being a former British and European Jiu Jitsu champion, he has however had a few White Collar boxing Matches. Nick trains out of Dragons Lair Gym in Melksham which also happens to be home to UFC fighter Bradley ‘Bear’ Scott.

Rich ‘The Tank’ Loveday also comes from a MMA background, and is yet to be stopped in his White Collar boxing career.

Mark White who is originally a kickboxer, can now be seen as a regular sparring partner for other Heavyweights around town, and training out of Ringside Gym. Mark although being the oldest competitor in this tournament at the age of 40, his age should not fool you.

Last and by not least is current Neilson Promotions Heavyweight Champion Dave ‘Bam Bam’ Gregory, who also started his career out on the MMA scene. Gregory is a crowd pleasing Warrior with a great heart who has a NEVER GIVE UP attitude.

The Draw for the Heavyweight Prizefighter Event took part at the Oasis Leisure Centre on Saturday 16th March by Main Sponsor CEO Kevin Metcalfe of Verelogic Group and Trophy Supplier Vince Ayris.


The Names were drawn out of the black satin bag in the following order:

 Danny Martin will face Phil Willams

Nick Tuckett will face Dave Gregory

Mark White will face Scott Cadder

Rich Loveday will face Stewart Johnson

And  the Semi-Finals are as follows:

Winner QF1 v Winner QF4

Winner QF2 v Winner QF3

On the Under-Card of this Awesome Heavyweight Prizefighter Tournament is:

Karl Paul (Ringside Gym) v Kane Sherwood

Paul Payne v Jacob Sheppard

Carl McCulloch (Ringside Gym) v Joe Carpenter

James Lawrence (Spartan Gym) v Ross Alexander

Tickets are still available ( although some limited ) and are priced at £60 each or £550 for Ringside Tables,which seats 10  ( include a three course meal, waitress service), therefore a Black Tie/Dark Suit Dress Code is in place on Ringside Table Tickets Only, £40 for Ringside Seats and VIP bar access, £20 standing/limited seated. There is also a disabled access and viewing stage as with all Neilson Promotions Events.

Doors open at 6:30 and the first fight is scheduled for 7:30.

For tickets or more information email

or call 01793 833468.

Neilsons Boxing Gym is the new home of the ‘TEAM NEILSON’  White Collar Boxers, who will be fighting at various prestigious venues throughout the year.

There are White Collar Boxing Training classes now running at Neilson’s gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings (by invitation only) with Head Coach Eddie Neilson.

If you’ve not experienced any of The Neilson Promotions Boxing Events that have happend over the last few years over Swindon, then I can only say you really do not know what you are missing out on, I have had the pleasure of being at many of The Neilson Promotions Events and rest assured if its Quality, Professionalism with a Great Atmosphere you are looking for from start to finish then you must attend this Saturday’s event, I know I will be.

main poster 30th march

For those of you who do not know what White Collar Boxing is, then here goes…..

White-collar boxing is a form of boxing in which men and women in white collar professions train to fight at special events. Most have had no prior boxing experience.

White Collar Boxing originated in the legendary Gleason’s gym in New York in 1988. The first contest was held between Dr. Richard Novak an attorney and Dr. David Lawrence who held a Phd. in English Literature.

After the contest the two Gentlemen went to dinner to celebrate the birth of a new sport. Since then White Collar Boxing has been the fastest growing corporate contact sport in the world.

John Rooney Jr. then owner and operator of the Gleason’s Gym UK franchise introduced White Collar Boxing to the City of London in 2003.

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