Catching up on My Events From May 4th..Cage Warriors #54 oh & I mention Cage Warriors #49 Experience

So again I have failed in my attempt to kept my own blog updated but that’s not due to me being lazy, I’ve actually been real busy as stated in my last brief blog and its got busier, which is all good for me (although I just have to get myself into a routine of updating this site).

On May 4th I got the chance to go and review Cage Warriors #54 who were having there first ever UK Arena Event at The Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff for Front Row MMA whom I do  lot of work for, so having previously been to Cage Warriors #49 in Cardiff which was held at St Davids Hall, I was wondering if the promotion had managed to “fix” its first impression’s it had on me, which to be honest were not of the standard I personally would of thought that one of UK & Europe’s leading promotion should have.

Ok since were on the subject and I didn’t have a blog back in October when I attended Cage Warriors 49, I’m going to address it now, better late than never, after all if you don’t know where your going wrong how are you ever going to try to improve!


I was really excited at the thought of seeing Rosi Sexton kick Shelia Gaff’s butt up close and in person, but as we all know, that fight did not go ahead and I’m not going to re-hash that one out, Rosi has now rightly moved on to the biggest stage, that being The UFC which is awesome and I cant wait to watch her Debut.

Myself and a couple of friends bought “cageside” seats as we like to be close to the action, and to me “cageside” means floor level, next to the cage – right?  Well we arrived to the venue and found out “cageside” here was not floor level infact  it was as high as the cage is and seated so you could not see  a good metre of action within the cage itself, also our side had no screens what so ever, so for everyone that watches at home know you get the VT footage of every fighter that comes out and a bit about them, well just our side didn’t – the other side though! I will say this and will always say this the fights themselves never disappoint, although I did feel there was lack of respect when the Main Event came on and the venue emptied out, not that this small event was sold out by any stretch, I mean seriously you people missed a great fight and what are you all talking about now PENDRED!!!  LOL

The Motorpoint Arena, Ive been there plenty of times before recently having taking my little boy to WWE Smackdown or was it RAW, I’m not sure but I do know John Cena was fighting so that made me a happy mummy 🙂


I arrived at the venue for 5pm as requested by a member of Cage Warriors Senior Promotion Team only to be told at the Box Office that I had to walk all the way around the back of the building to Security to see if I could gain access (here we go again, first impressions are already shit and out the window, can it get any worse), so myself and Marie walk around the outside of the arena to gain access to the security hub; Marie is the competition winner who won 2 tickets and the chance to walk out Danny ‘Hot Chocolate’ Roberts who was the Co-Main event, as it happens me and Marie are friends on Twitter, having been a last minute competition no one was available to go with her so she drove to me and in turn I drove us to Cardiff; Were at the security gate explaining who we are, fair enough he’s a nice friendly guy but the person he needs is off site so were stood waiting around (this dose not do anything for my first impressions what so ever), then Danny Roberts comes out – Random -good timing though and takes us in, now he is one nice guy, we go up to ‘make shift’ promotion office which is situated on the balcony seating of the arena, Danny introduces us, names ticked off but wait they’ve run out of wrist bands?!? really?!? “We will come and find you when I can get some more”  Ok , then me and Marie are left to our own devices…so we go having a look around the venue of course I notice Frank Trigg straight away and being SO early as pointed out by yet another member of senior promotional staff I decided to have a photo opportunity – well it was on my own time, and yes Frank is a real lovely person 🙂


I also had a bit of fun and banter with Marc Goddard and new (well new back then) Cage Warriors signee Tom Breese, hence some photo’s going around on Twitter of me and Tom, he is also such a Sweet, Lovely, but painfully Shy guy – he’s going to have to get used to not being so shy tho which is what I was attempting to do, much to Marc’s enjoyment and encouragement, but it didnt work lol

1-1367778678279                                                                                                                  1-1367778617942

Anyway it turned out I had to go and chase my own wrist band up (seemed no one was bothered – altho they would be the first to check when i’m wondering around when the doors are opened to the public), as it happens also they decided to sit “press” up in the balcony where my view was obscured by the lighting rig, so you couldn’t see the nitty gritty of the ground work on the big screen and for sure couldn’t see a thing in the cage, so again Cage Warriors fail big time for all the reasons I have stated, let alone their was no atmosphere where I was sat but then again what do you expect in a half empty arena!

I will never so far fault any of the fights that Cage Warriors put on, they are exactly what the fans want but if you want to be Europes & UK’s No1 leading promotion in my opinion you’ve got to do more than just deliver great fights, if your going to be paying to go to a event, to me its about the whole experience, I’ve been to enough events to know what counts and what makes a great experience for everyone not just who you pick and choose!  yes I can probably see you some of you saying but I didn’t pay to go to this Cage Warriors, then I refer back to when I went back to Cage Warriors #49 as a paying customer, views are exactly the same, and if your not willing to speak up about your own views like I said at the beginning, how are you supposed to learn and grow to improve?

Constructive criticism is just that, Constructive not Personal.

If you didnt see my event review and results you can read it here.

So its time for me and Marie to leave but not before we go and get a picture with Danny Roberts who at this point is getting swamped by family and friends, we are also being asked to leave by security altho we really need the toilet and we ask to use them but they say there closed – really, so I actually used my brain for once – yep at the end of a evening too, we just went back upstairs (cos we had our wristbands on) and used the toilets up there, well we had a hr n half drive to my house, it had to be done!


So were just about to approach the car park and there’s a bunch of people before us at the pay machine, not taking that much notice thinking its probably just a few loud guys, when I do take note its Marc Goddard and Tom Breese with a couple of friends, and Marie wants a picture with them, I have to chuckle to myself, then Marc’s friend says for me to get in the picture (Marc hinting for me to stand next to Tom), its one of those where you had to be there after what was going on earlier in the night, of all the people to randomly bump into  after it had to be those two!

Anyway Tom Breese I will take you up on that offer of a email Interview still at some point and I’m glad my colleagues at Front Row MMA managed to pin you down for a chat on Camera but if any of you missed that here is the link 🙂!

Till next time   …..

It’s been awhile……Quick Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this site but I’ve been far from quiet (not that I know how to be quiet).

I’ve been working with several different people, all of whom I will get around to putting into my blog, once I figure out where to start, knowing me not the beginning, it will just be random as that is just me all over, plus its more fun that way.

Just to name a few I attended Neilson’s Heavyweight Boxing Tournament, Gained a couple of Sponsorship deals for a Female MMA Fighter that Made the GB Team for Fighters Source/ Battle Arena, Played a Major role in adding a Great UK Veteran of MMA to a Upcoming Fight Card,Getting a Interview with Leigh Remedios, Working with Front Row MMA, Working with Into The Cage and Event Reporting at Cage Warriors 54 in Cardiff!

It may not sound much, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes lets say, but hey since when did I start to worry about what others ‘Think’ and ‘Say’ about me, If your talking about me then I’m doing something right 🙂

Till next time…..

Neilson Promotions Heavyweight Prizefighter Boxing Tournament 30th March


Neilson Promotions was set up in June 2008 by Eddie, Tony and Mark Neilson, with the intention of providing White Collar Boxing / Semi-Professional boxing Events in the Swindon Area.  

In the past Neilson Promotions have put on a couple of local shows purely in aid of charity. Now they have stepped up the game to make each show as close to a professional show as they possibly can, as you will have seen from their last few events; in doing so their last event made it into Wikipedia

On 13 October 2012, Neilson Promotions, a Swindon-based white collar boxing promoter, put on the largest show of its kind to date. A venue verified attendance of 1398 watched ten contests at the Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon with the main event seeing Dave ‘Bam Bam’ Gregory retain his NP Heavyweight title against Rich ‘The Tank’ Loveday over three rounds.

On Saturday March 30th Neilson Promotions will hold a Heavyweight Prizefighter Tournament, the first of its kind on the White Collar Scene in Swindon involving 8 Men battling it out for a grand cash prize of £2000 plus a £200 cash bonus for every KO on the night.


The eight warriors taking part in the tournament include former Walcot amateur boxer Scott Cadder and Stewart Johnson also a former amateur of Walcot ABC both of whom were trained under Harold Scott.

Next we have ‘Big’ Phil Williams who used to box for Penhill RBL several years ago.

‘Irish’ Danny Martin put on a great display at Neilson Promotions last event and will be looking to showcase his talents again in this tournament.

Nick Tuckett is more known for his MMA, being a former British and European Jiu Jitsu champion, he has however had a few White Collar boxing Matches. Nick trains out of Dragons Lair Gym in Melksham which also happens to be home to UFC fighter Bradley ‘Bear’ Scott.

Rich ‘The Tank’ Loveday also comes from a MMA background, and is yet to be stopped in his White Collar boxing career.

Mark White who is originally a kickboxer, can now be seen as a regular sparring partner for other Heavyweights around town, and training out of Ringside Gym. Mark although being the oldest competitor in this tournament at the age of 40, his age should not fool you.

Last and by not least is current Neilson Promotions Heavyweight Champion Dave ‘Bam Bam’ Gregory, who also started his career out on the MMA scene. Gregory is a crowd pleasing Warrior with a great heart who has a NEVER GIVE UP attitude.

The Draw for the Heavyweight Prizefighter Event took part at the Oasis Leisure Centre on Saturday 16th March by Main Sponsor CEO Kevin Metcalfe of Verelogic Group and Trophy Supplier Vince Ayris.


The Names were drawn out of the black satin bag in the following order:

 Danny Martin will face Phil Willams

Nick Tuckett will face Dave Gregory

Mark White will face Scott Cadder

Rich Loveday will face Stewart Johnson

And  the Semi-Finals are as follows:

Winner QF1 v Winner QF4

Winner QF2 v Winner QF3

On the Under-Card of this Awesome Heavyweight Prizefighter Tournament is:

Karl Paul (Ringside Gym) v Kane Sherwood

Paul Payne v Jacob Sheppard

Carl McCulloch (Ringside Gym) v Joe Carpenter

James Lawrence (Spartan Gym) v Ross Alexander

Tickets are still available ( although some limited ) and are priced at £60 each or £550 for Ringside Tables,which seats 10  ( include a three course meal, waitress service), therefore a Black Tie/Dark Suit Dress Code is in place on Ringside Table Tickets Only, £40 for Ringside Seats and VIP bar access, £20 standing/limited seated. There is also a disabled access and viewing stage as with all Neilson Promotions Events.

Doors open at 6:30 and the first fight is scheduled for 7:30.

For tickets or more information email

or call 01793 833468.

Neilsons Boxing Gym is the new home of the ‘TEAM NEILSON’  White Collar Boxers, who will be fighting at various prestigious venues throughout the year.

There are White Collar Boxing Training classes now running at Neilson’s gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings (by invitation only) with Head Coach Eddie Neilson.

If you’ve not experienced any of The Neilson Promotions Boxing Events that have happend over the last few years over Swindon, then I can only say you really do not know what you are missing out on, I have had the pleasure of being at many of The Neilson Promotions Events and rest assured if its Quality, Professionalism with a Great Atmosphere you are looking for from start to finish then you must attend this Saturday’s event, I know I will be.

main poster 30th march

For those of you who do not know what White Collar Boxing is, then here goes…..

White-collar boxing is a form of boxing in which men and women in white collar professions train to fight at special events. Most have had no prior boxing experience.

White Collar Boxing originated in the legendary Gleason’s gym in New York in 1988. The first contest was held between Dr. Richard Novak an attorney and Dr. David Lawrence who held a Phd. in English Literature.

After the contest the two Gentlemen went to dinner to celebrate the birth of a new sport. Since then White Collar Boxing has been the fastest growing corporate contact sport in the world.

John Rooney Jr. then owner and operator of the Gleason’s Gym UK franchise introduced White Collar Boxing to the City of London in 2003.

Painpit – New Breed March 2nd Event Report and Full Results

2nd March 2013

Pain Pit – New Breed  

Pain Pit New Breed


I arrived at Newport’s  Leisure Centre with anticipation having always had  Pain Pit events scheduled in my diary and now I had no reason not to go and the timing was exactly right.

The Opening fight of the night  in the Amateur Level 3 Rules (No Headshots) (2 x 3mins) saw  Welterweights  Mark Turnville  ( Trojan Cheltenham) against  Jack ‘The Tank’ Shore  (Tillery Combat) who seemed to be a crowd favourite here, Turnville opened up with some good leg kicks, whilst Shore went in for the clinch position, knowing exactly he wanted this on the ground fast, Turnville managed to get a big body slam to Shore who kept his composure attempting to secure a Triangle only for Turnville to be saved by the Bell, the 2nd rnd was pretty much the same as the 1st with a dominant Shore maintaining  Top position & control with good body shots & another triangle attempt even taking  Turnville’s back in the final seconds.  Winner by UD Jack ‘The Tank’ Shore

In the 2nd fight of the night we saw the Light Heavyweights Sam Cousins from Weston-Super-Mare (Team Savage) against Jamie Curtis (Tillery Combat)

Sam Cousins starts the action by getting  the early takedown & into top position for most of the 1st rnd action, until Jamie Curtis manages to get back to his feet both men are standing. Cousins is throwing low kicks & Curtis is catching most of them, Cousins gets another takedown in rnd 2 with both men very game in gaining control on the floor, Cousins manages to get Curtis into a Rear Naked Choke for the last 15 seconds of this fight and he hung on in their as the bell went. Winner by UD Sam Cousins

In the Third fight we  saw Middleweight contenders Dan Hamer (David Round) against Ian McLeod (Tillery Combat)

Both men come out fast & trading punches & kicks McLeod gets the early takedown & a guillotine attempt, Hamer manages to get out, both men back to standing & trading punches, McLeod clips Hamer sending him to the floor,  McLeod seizing the moment attempts a  armbar  on Hamer who manages to hold on till end of the rnd. Start of rnd 2 McLeod gets Hamer with a great inside leg kick which sends him to the ground,  McLeod again struggles to gain top position which now sees him on his back setting up a triangle, Hamer submits Winner McLeod 2.15 rnd 2 Triangle Choke

Fourth fight of the night and were on to  Amateur Level 2 (Headshots Standing Only) ( 3×3 mins)

And the atmosphere was electric to what appeared to be a sold out Newport Leisure Centre again I can see why Pain Pit was living up to its reputation and we were only on the 4th fight of the night.

Welterweights Daniel Owens (Chris Rees ) against Ryan Legge  (Tillery Combat)

It was a great start by both guys, fast paced both exchanging shots with Owens taking control in the first part of the action, Legge soon got to work on the ground but decided to let  Owens back up to his feet with both men exchanging blows as it’s nearing the end of rnd 1  Legge gets  Owens with a good Right Hook, bell goes. As we start rnd 2  Legge took  Owens straight to the ground looking to take him out with a Triangle choke &  Owens Tapped Winner Legge 1.06 rnd 2 Triangle Choke

Fifth fight another welterweight match between Daniel Griffiths (Vendetta) against Patrick Magourlic (David Round)

Both men come out fast but its Griffiths who is pushing forward both men are exchanging kicks & punches, Magourlic takes it to the floor but its  Griffiths who gets Magourlic in a Head & Arm Choke Winner Griffiths 2.57 Rnd 1 Head & Arm Choke

Sixth Fight is a Lightweight fight between Paul Rodgers (Chris Rees) against Thomas James (Savage MMA)

Thomas James wastes no time & goes straight in & gets a takedown, gains top position, Paul Rodgers has a great technical defensive game from his back as he tries for a armbar then triangle from below,  Rodgers technical skills are  showing through in this fight and its Rodgers who gets the Kimura Winner Rodger 2.45 rnd 1 Kimura

Seventh fight & I knew as soon as I saw these fighters it would go the distance, let’s call it a gut instinct I have!  Its Light Heavyweight time and we have Gareth Stacey (NMMA) against Simas Norkus (Brotherhood MMA)

Norkus  gets the Takedown just where you would want this fight to go if you were a former European & US Wrestling Champ!  Stacey is working  hard to stop  Norkus passing his guard,  Stacey does point out to the ref which at this point is right in front of me  Norkus is holding onto his glove & pulling it back, so is warned lightly of this, this fight is staying as expected on the floor,  Norkus tries a knee bar, which  Stacey looks to ref & points out is illegal, Stacey capitalizes on this & gets Norkus on his back if only for a few seconds, Stacey is back to being on his back but bar no means is this fight boring, or very one-sided,  Stacey is doing a very good job of keeping Norkus of gaining the wrist control he is looking for by shrimping  #101 #basics, this fight goes from strength to strength with  Norkus being dominant though out even locking in a RNC in rnd 2 but  Stacey hung on as the bell went, great display of technical skills from both men in this fight. Winner UD Simas Norkus

The Eighth fight was in the Lightweight division and was crowd pleaser , sporting a green Mohawk Jason “Grasshopper”Jenkins (Falcons)  who entrance alone tore the roof of the leisure centre  against Sean Meany (Chris Rees)

Meany came out & got the first takedown early but it was  Jenkins showing dominant skills, control & body shots for the rest of the 1st rnd, the 2nd rnd  Jenkins goes for a takedown but  Meany sprawls,  Jenkins still gets  Meany where he wants him on the ground , a nice axe kick followed by the famous “Grasshopper” move allowed Jenkins to get Meany in a Gulliotine choke Winner Jenkins 1.12 Rnd 2 Guillotine Choke

Nineth Fight of the night we move onto the Unified Amateur Rules (3x3mins)

Light Heavyweight bout between Sam Stockdale from Cornwall (Fusion MMA) against Ryan Marshall (Tillery Combat)

This has the crowd on their feet as Ryan Marshall’s entrance  music is beginning to be played which is ironically is a sample of a Eminem track – business, (If you haven’t heard it look it up on YouTube then you will know where I’m coming from) you can now tell this is a packed venue with a great atmosphere.

Stockdale gets this fight underway with some great knees &  Marshall exchanges with some shots of his own, Stockdale gets the early takedown but not for long, both men on their feet but this time its Marshall who got the Takedown & gets top position with some vicious GnP, Stockdale doing well to defend Marshall off in the 1st rnd. We go into the 2nd rnd Marshall gets the takedown & takes top position Stockdale defends really well & gains Top position raining blows down on Marshall, not lasting for long as Marshall gains top position; this is a battle of who really wants it the most; it ends up against the fence with both men standing, Marshall gets a great Big Body slam & top position but again not for long as Stockdale then gains top position, as we enter the final rnd  Stockdale opens up with great leg kicks & gets a takedown but blink again & Marshall is in Top Position this is a real contender for #FOTN in my books both men are going toe-toe & ground to ground with one another, Marshall lets  Stockdale get back to his feet (we know Ryan Marshall has a great pedigree in Boxing skills & this is where he likes its best) not taking nothing at all away from Stockdale, as Stockdale is back to his feet  Marshall’s corner is shouting at him to get another takedown – & that’s what happened. Winner UD Ryan Marshall #FOTN for me.

Fight Ten sees us back in the Featherweight division Daryl Grant from Sidmouth (Lionsden) against Josh Reed (Tillery Combat)

Grant comes out with strong Leg kicks &  Reed answers with strong Punches, Reed takes this to the ground with a great text-book Guillotine Winner Josh Reed 0.52 Rnd 1 Guillotine Choke #SUB of the night for me

Fight Eleven  Middleweight Division between Will Davies (Chris Davies) and Lenny Benskin (Brotherhood MMA) Now this one I was particularly looking forward too, I had heard on the grapevine there had been a bit of bad blood between these two guys so I was hoping for them to leave it all in the cage tonight & boy I wasn’t disappointed.

There was a touch of gloves of some sorts to start with but Will Davies was very sneaky & went straight from there a bit too quick – sneaky! Davies  was straight in trading toe – toe & got a big slamming takedown, but  Benskin was having none of it, turned it round & ended on top position,  Benskin let Davies stand as this is where Benskin likes to do more damage & to dish punishment at its best, he comes in with a superman punch up against the fence which takes Davies to the floor from there Benskin is raining blow after blow until referee Mark Woodard stepped in & stops the fight Winner Lenny Benskin 1.52 Rnd 1 G’n’P 

Fight twelve were now at the PRO fights first in the Light Weight Division

Dave Addicott (DOW) against Kyle Prosser (Tillery Combat)  Addicott goes straight in with leg kicks whilst  Prosser goes to sweep Addicott’s leg to go for a takedown,  Prosser is on bottom position but don’t let this fool you, he is very dominant & active going for a triangle & armbar attempt which fails then he is raining hard elbows to  Addicotts middle of his head which I can hear from where I am sat,  Prosser goes for another triangle attempt but Addicott breaks full guard, Prosser still raining hard elbows & dominating from back position. Rnd 2nd & Addicott pushes forward,  Addicott gets the takedown and  Prosser doing text-book defending from his back and attempts yet another triangle but unsuccessful,  Addicott is doing all he can in the meantime unleashing some blows to  Prosser, but  Prosser defending well. We enter the last rnd both men are toe – toe trading blows,  Addicott catches  Prosser with a straight right to cause a devastating split across his left eye, referee Mark Woodard steps in & gets the Medics to look at the cut, the Medics say the fight cannot go on, this is unfortunate No-one wants to win by a Dr Stoppage in this Game & on my cards I had Prosser winning 2 rnds up! Winner Dave Addicott 1.18 Rnd 3 DR Stoppage 

Fight thirteen in the Welterweight division with Nottingham’s up and coming Max Cotton (RAW) against Owain Parry (Tillery Combat)

Both Men come out ready to trade toe-to-toe,  Parry comes out with a Spinning Back fist that misses, the fast Cotton catches Parry with a right cross which floors him, Cotton isn’t stopping there though and he goes to carry on until the Referee Mark Woodard steps in Winner Max Cotton 0.23 secs rnd 1 TKO #KO of the night for me.

Fight fourteen of the night is a Lightweight Title Fight between Jamie Rogers (DOW) against Marc ‘suplex’ Allen from Cheltenham (Trojan)

Both Men came out fast Rogers seemed to push the pace having  Allen up against the cage which seemed where he liked the fight to be; he got Allen in a tight Guillotine Choke for over a good minute, but Allen was standing his ground with good defensive work & not giving in & clearly taking instructions from his corner who I could hear from where I was sat, although with no action happening referee Mark Woodard urged the fighters to do some work,  Allen capitalized on this and managed to sink in a tight RNC which forced Rogers to tap with 9 secs left in the 1st rnd. Winner Marc Allen 4.51 Rnd 1  RNC  NEW Pain Pit Light Weight Title 

The Main Event was for the Bantamweight Title Brett ‘Pikey’ Johns ( Chris Rees) against Joe’ Orrible’ Orrey (Tillery Combat)

Both Men come out exchanging punches & its  Orrey who is pushing the pace to start with, Johns gets the early takedown and as we know this is where he loves to be & is comfortable at his best, rolling around, with his awesome technical skills from his Judo background, this could be anyone’s fight the way it is going back and forth for control Orrey gets top position and lands some real nasty horrible elbows this is obviously where his nickname comes in, finally Johns goes for a armbar attempt & gets it, it’s all too much for  Orrey who is quite emotional right in front of me. Winner Brett Johns 3.59 Rnd 1 Armbar New Pain Pit Bantamweight Title 


1-me working at pain pit march 2nd 2013

Full Results

Pro Fights


Brett Johns (Chris Rees) Def Joe Orrey (Tillery Combat)  Via Armbar 3.59 Round 1

Brett Johns Now Pain Pit Batamweight Champion 


Marc Allen (Trojan) Def Jamie Rogers (DOW) by Rear Naked Choke 4.51 Round 1

Marc Allen Now Pain Pit Lightweight Champion

Max Cotton (RAW) Def Owain Parry (Tillery Combat) TKO 0.23 secs Round 1

Dave Addicott (DOW) Def Kyle Prosser (Tillery Combat) Due to Doctor Stoppage (Split over eye)  1.18 Round 3

Unified Amateur (3 x 3 mins)

Lenny Benskin (Brotherhood) Def Will Davies (Chris Rees) by G’n’P 1.52 Round 1

Josh Reed (Tillery Combat) Def Daryl Grant (Lionsden) by Guillotine 0.52secs Round 1

Ryan Marshall (Tillery Combat) Def Sam Stockdale (Fusion Mma) Unanimous Decision

Amateur Level 2 (Head Shots Standing Only) (3 x 3 mins)

Jason Jenkins (Falcons) Def Sean Meany (Chris Rees) Via Guillotine 1.12 Round 2

Simas Norkus (Brotherhood) Def Gareth Stacey (NMMA) Via Unanimous decision

Paul Rogers (Chris Rees) Def Thomas James (Savage MMA) Via Kimura 2.45 Round 1

Daniel Griffiths (Vendetta) Def Patrick Magourlic (David Round) Via Head & Arm Choke 2.57 Round 1

Ryan Legge (Tillery Combat) Def Daniel Owens (Chris Rees) Via Triangle 1.06 Round 2

Amateur Level 3 ( No headshots) (2 x 3 mins)

Ian McLeod (Tillery Combat)  Def Dan Hamer (David Round)  Via Triangle 2.15 Round 2

Sam Cousins (Team Savage) Def Jamie Curtis (Tillery Combat) Via Unanimous Decision

Jack Shore ( Tillery Combat) Def Mark Turnville (Trojan) via Unanimous decision

Sub of the Night – Josh Reed

KO/TKO of the Night – Max Cotton

Fight of the Night – Sam Stockdale Vs. Ryan Marshall





My First Ever WordPress Blog… MMA/BOXING/TRAINING….So Bare With Me

This is My First Ever WordPress Blog, well Blog in General, it has been a good 8 months in the making – yeah I know one of these does not take that long to set up, but since it was my good friends Idea for me to do a Blog between his work schedule and my own, getting the right mix of the things I wanted and how I wanted it too look has been lets just say trying, and as I still get to grips with this Blog I will be adding more features & designs, so please bare with me.

Since this is my first ever Blog it is really only a Tester blog as such to see where I need to move things around, add things etc but also a good time to make everyone know that My Blog is now live.

Primarily set up as I was attending so many MMA and Boxing events my friend thought I should write about them, but aswell as having my views on the events I have attended, My Blog will also consist of all things MMA related, Boxing  since Froch v Kessler has now revived the long dead scene in my eyes! General views on Daily Life and Martial Training, Dealing With The Kids, but more importantly I think, I will be #KeepingItReal throughout, Saying it how it is, #HardHitting, These are all my own views and any of you that know me or have spoken to me on Twitter or Facebook know that I Say It How It is…. You Wont Like Wot I Have To Say More Than Likely Most Of  The Time, but to be honest  i’m only saying what most people are thinking and just dont wont admit to it….


                                                                                                                                UFC 158


Dont Be Scared Homie

ONLY 16 DAYS 2 GO!!!