Live video weigh-in Results: UFC 199

UFC 199 comes from California. The main event, middleweight champ Luke Rockhold defends his title against Michael Bisping, stepping in for the injured Chris Weidman. The co-main event sees bitter rivals Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber duke it out for a 3rd time, and as was the case the 2nd time, Cruz’s bantamweight title is on the line.

As always, before we get to the fights ahead we have to make sure they’re all on course to make weight. Live video of the weigh-ins can be viewed by pressing the play button at the top of the page.

Main Card BT Sport/PPV

Luke Rockhold (185) vs. Michael Bisping (185)
Dominick Cruz (135) vs. Urijah Faber (134.5)
Max Holloway (146) vs. Ricardo Lamas (145.5)
Dan Henderson (185.5) vs. Hector Lombard (184.5)
Bobby Green (155) vs. Dustin Poirier (155.5)

Preliminary Card BT Sport/FS1

Clay Guida (146) vs. Brian Ortega (145)
Beneil Dariush (156) vs. James Vick (155.5)
Jessica Andrade (115.5) vs. Jessica Penne (115.5)
Alex Caceres (145.5) vs. Cole Miller (146)

Preliminary Card (Fight Pass)

Tom Breese (170.5) vs. Sean Strickland (171)
Luiz Henrique (205.5) vs. Jonathan Wilson (205.5)
Kevin Casey (185) vs. Elvis Mutapcic (185)
Dong Hyun Kim (154.5) vs. Polo Reyes (155)

UFC Fight Night 61: Potro Algere – Full Fight Results

UFC Fight Night 61: Porto Alegre took place last night in Brazil, where former heavyweight champion Frank Mir defeated Antonio Silva in just 100 seconds.

It was infact a card full of ‘The Under Dogs’ pulling off the upsets in fantastic style.

Here are all the results:

Antonio Silva Vs Frank Mir

Antonio Silva Vs Frank Mir

Frank Mir Def Antonio Silva Via KO (punches) 1 min 40 secs Round One

Michael Johnson Def Edson Barboza Via UD 30-27, 30-27, 29-28

Sam Alvey Def Cezar Ferreira Via KO (punches) 3 mins 34 secs Round One

Adriano Martins Def Rustam Khabilov Via Split Decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28

Frankie Saenz Def Iuri Alcantara Via UD 30-27, 30-27, 29-28

Santiago Ponzinibbio Def  Sean Strickland Via UD 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

Preliminary Card 

Marion Reneau  Def  Jessica Andrade  Via Triangle Choke 1 min 54 secs Round One

Matt Dwyer Def  William Macario Via KO (Superman punch) 3 mins 14 secs Round One

Mike de la Torre Def  Tiago Trator Via TKO (Punches)  2 mins 59 secs Round One

Douglas Silva De Andrade  Def  Cody Gibson Via UD 29-28, 29-28, 30-27

Preliminary Card UFC Fight Pass 

Ivan Jorge  Def  Josh Shockley    29- 28, 29-28, 29-28 UD


Frank Mir  $50,000

Matt Dwyer  $50,000

Sam Alvey  $50,000

Marion Reneau  $50,000

UFC Fight Night: Bigfoot Vs Mir Full Weigh-Ins Results

UFC Fight Night Porto Alegre takes place on Sunday evening in Brazil, where former heavyweight champion Frank Mir faces Antonio Silva, while lightweight contenders Edson Barboza and Michael Johnson will battle it out in the co-main event.

Before we get to the fights we must make sure they’re all on course to make-weight, for which all twenty-two fighters passed.

One bout was cancelled before the weigh-ins due to illness.

Main Card 

Antonio Silva Vs Frank Mir
Antonio Silva Vs Frank Mir

Antonio Silva (264 lbs) vs. Frank Mir (261 lbs)

Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva
Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva
Frank Mir
Frank Mir

Edson Barboza (156 lbs) vs. Michael Johnson (155 lbs)

Edson Barboza Vs Michael Johnson
Edson Barboza Vs Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson
Edson Barboza
Edson Barboza

Cezar Ferreira (185 lbs) vs. Sam Alvey (186 lbs)

Cezar Ferreira Vs Sam Alvey
Cezar Ferreira Vs Sam Alvey


Sam Alvey
Sam Alvey
Cezar Ferreira
Cezar Ferreira

Rustam Khabilov (156 lbs) vs. Adriano Martins (156 lbs)

Rustam Khabilov Vs Adriano Martins
Rustam Khabilov Vs Adriano Martins

Iuri Alcantara (136 lbs) w/towel vs. Frankie Saenz (136 lbs)

Iuri Alcantara Vs Frankie Saenz
Iuri Alcantara Vs Frankie Saenz
Iuri Alcantara
Iuri Alcantara

Santiago Ponzinibbio (171 lbs) vs. Sean Strickland (171 lbs)

Santiago Ponzinibbio Vs Sean Strickland
Santiago Ponzinibbio Vs Sean Strickland

Preliminary Card 

Jessica Andrade (135 lbs) vs. Marion Reneau (134 lbs)

Jessica Andrade Vs Marion Reneau
Jessica Andrade Vs Marion Reneau
Marion Reneau
Marion Reneau
Jessica Andrade
Jessica Andrade

William Macario (168 lbs) vs. Matt Dwyer (170 lbs)
Tiago Trator (146 lbs) vs. Mike de la Torre (146 lbs)
Douglas Silva De Andrade (135 lbs) vs. Cody Gibson (135 lbs)

Preliminary Card 

Ivan Jorge (155 lbs) vs. Josh Shockley (155 lbs)

Wendell Oliveira  vs. T.J. Waldburger scheduled fight is now off, due to T.J Waldburger falling ill prior to the weigh-ins. Both fighters will recieve their show money.

Season One.. Episode Eight.. Female UFC Fighter Rosi Sexton

Before making history as the UFC’s first ever female fight to happen in Europe and UK.  I caught up with UK MMA pioneer and Cambridge graduate Dr Rosi Sexton ahead of UFC® MANCHESTER back in September 2013.


EB. You’re a pioneer for women’s UKMMA, starting your professional career back in 2002.Was it ever in your own thoughts that one day women would be in the UFC and you would be here in the UFC representing the UK now?

RS.  I always thought it would happen one day. I think early on I hoped it would happen in time for me, but as the time went on I kind of gave up hope it was going to happen to me a few years ago as it wasn’t looking very likely, then the first women’s fight came around very quick, it happened very fast with the Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche fight and a lot of opportunities opened up and took me by surprise it wasn’t something I anticipated, but embraced it.

EB. Having said that if the UFC were an option back in your earlier career, would you have also taken the opportunity back then?

RS.  I’m in a better position now and the division is better on a whole as it’s a lot more competitive, to be honest it happened just at the right time.

EB. How close were you to throwing in the towel and hanging up this side of your career before being signed to UFC?

RS.  You have to remember no Professional athlete goes on forever and I didn’t actually say I had retired from the sport; I had reached a stage where I had done most of what I wanted too, and also it was getting difficult to justify the financial terms that go hand in hand with the sport, along with being a single parent to my son, I guess you can say I was just waiting for a bigger opportunity whatever that may have been, and for me, thankfully it was the UFC.

EB. Can you talk me through your feelings, emotions and pressures of being the UK’s sole Female representative in the UFC; fighting in the UK on October 26th in Manchester which is also the UFC’s first ever female fight to happen in Europe and UK in your home town?

RS. Very excited as it is huge. It will be the first women’s UFC fight in Europe, and I will be fighting in my home town for the first time in my whole fighting career. There will be pressure, but I feel it will be a kind of good pressure and I will rise to the occasion.

EB. How easy has it been to get back into training on the back of your loss to Alexis Davis? Can you talk me through the fight and your own opinion of your performance?

RS.  It was a good fight, very competitive, good performance. I could have done better and some things cost me the fight. A lot of people were expecting me to get beaten before I went into the fight, no one was talking about me before the fight, they were all talking about Ronda Rousey and how Alexis Davies would walk right through me, but she didn’t. I think she did win it, but it was really close, I was pleased with what I did, not satisfied, pleased. If I could do again I would.

EB. It is no secret this is not your usual fighting weight division, but when an opportunity such as the UFC comes knocking on your door (when you have been a UK MMA pioneer in the sport for just over 10 years, you’re not going to turn it down) – How are you finding the higher weight division?

RS.  Good question, 125lb is my best weight class, 135lb I would say I am a bit on the small side but I will give any 135lber a good run for their money in this division , win or lose they will know they have been in a fight when faced against me.  Jessica Andrade is a good fight and we have similar styles, I belong in this weight class, I am strong at this weight, I can hang with the other girls; other girls are bigger, that maybe a factor, it depends on the individual, I have upped my game slightly as I cannot rely solely to power through in this weight division.

There are some good fun fights for me in this division, having just recently fought and in my own opinion held my own against the worlds ranked #4 or #5, I belong in this weight class and of course on the flip side I am enjoying being able to eat more. (Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream).

EB. How is your training camp going for this fight? Are you implementing anything new into your training schedule or is it a case of drilling everything you know?

RS.  Going real well, had a good week, feeling sharp, have great training partners in flyweights, bantamweights at Next Generation. I’m currently training with a World class Olympic Judo athlete  Sophie Cox,  who is very solid and has dangerous throws. I am very fortunate in that  I also have Laura Howarth helping me out, who has a great striking background. Come October 26th you will see a better version of me.

EB. Now that the sport is evolving and there are more females, how has this helped you and is helping you in your current training  as I’ve seen you’ve got the likes of Laura Howarth and Sophie Cox training with you? It must be nice to mix things up and have females involved in a training camp?

RS.  It is important to have men, having always trained a lot with men, women are also important, they are different in a whole other way, which is also a whole other question as they really go at you, it is great to have a mix, you can judge where you are at with the females as in size and strength; both females are great to work with as previously mentioned, Sophie is a World class Olympian and Laura comes from a great striking background with a great future ahead of her.

EB.  What are your thoughts on the current season of TUF18 with it being a mixed household?

RS.  It’s interesting, I’m not up to date as I’ve been training but what I’ve heard is that it is going well, people are talking about it, the women are great and are serious athletes.  The women’s fights are great and this is what needs to be showcased for people who are not familiar with women in the sport.

EB. What can the fans expect to see come October 26th at The Phones 4U Arena in Manchester?

RS.  Exciting, fast paced fight, with fast paced rounds, combining powerful striking, good grappling; from what I see Jessica also has a strong background in Judo with some Jiu Jitsu skills; she is a dangerous fighter and if you’re not ready for her intensity she can catch you out, but I am ready.

EB. How did you get into MMA? I heard that you watched a TV documentary and was hooked from there?

RS.  (Laughs)  I was watching a TV documentary back in 1999 which had UK Pioneer Leigh Remedios in and now recently retired ex – UFC veteran Ian Freeman, I thought I wanted to do that, little did I know where it would lead to and that I would end up being the first UK female fighter in the UFC.

EB.  Besides the fact that you are on the Manchester card, which fights in particular have caught your eye and you are looking forward to watching?

RS.  Michael Bisping Vs Mark Munoz, Ross Pearson Vs Melvin Guillard and of course my fellow midget Phil Harris, all the fights have great UK talent on them.

EB. Anyone you would like to Thank?

RS. My team coaches Paul Williams, Danny Rimmer, Steve Campbell, Mike Leng my Nutrition coach, PhD Nutrition, Funky Gums, Ainsley Fry, Global Therapy  for keeping me in one piece, Strength and Performance gym, Rev Gear and Next Generation Gym.

Rosi Sexton takes on Jessica Andrade at The Phones 4U Arena in Manchester on 26th October. Tickets for UFC® MANCHESTER 2013: BISPING vs. MUNOZ  are available from and

This interview went to print before it was announced Michael Bisping had to withdraw from the event, therefore Lyoto Machida replaced him to face Mark Munoz.

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