Aiming for the TUF 23 House – Helen ‘Hellraiser’ Harper

Helen ‘Hellraiser’ Harper will be setting her sights on the bright lights of Las Vegas on December 14th for season 23 of The Ultimate Fighter Trials.

Born and raised in Aldershot, Hampshire in the UK and having spent a few years living and competing in Phuket under Phuket Top Team, Helen is now firmly back where she started at home in Farnham, Surrey.

With her only loss coming by the way of controversial stoppage due to a Groin Strike against Strawweight UFC Athlete Cortney Casey, the 28-year-old has only been competing in mixed martial arts for four years and holds an impressive record of 4-1 inside the cage.

Not content with simply applying herself to the world of mixed martial arts, Helen has also competed in several Muay Thai events successfully including winning her pro kickboxing bout.

The pound for pound ranked #4 in UK & Ireland and #1 in Southeast Asia on Tapology does not take anything for granted in this forever evolving sport and has been working hard over the last few months by competing in many Gi and No Gi Competitions. So much so that Helen has picked up 7 Golds, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze, placing in every competition she has entered.

Helen Harper Main Event Picture

Having recently competed in a Muay Thai event at ‘The Road to Main Event’ on November 21st against Kat Holden, Helen took the fight on 2 weeks’ notice due to some prior pull-outs with her own schedule of fights in mixed martial arts.  After three hard fought rounds, Helen was the one to walk away victorious with a decision win, although it was no easy feat.

“I’d had a few pull outs in a row and the only fight that I could have had was up in Sunderland, which would have meant I wouldn’t have had a corner.  It was very frustrating.  My coach at Shinkick  (Jesse Saunders) told me he already had a few guys fighting on this show and they’d had a pull out – did I want to fight? Of course I said yes, that’s equivalent to asking a fat kid if they want cake…

“It was incredible! Kat is no walkover, she’s a seriously tough girl and as you said, it was by no means easy. I absolutely loved it though, and would do it again tomorrow if I could!”

Having decided to sharpen up her forever growing arsenal of tools in her tool box, Helen has been focusing more on becoming more specialised and dedicated to the whole of her MMA game.  Having spent some time down at Legacy BJJ/Urban Kings under the tutelage of BAMMA‘s Head Match-Maker Jude Samuel, who was in Helen’s corner for her last MMA fight against Sophie Langsford where Helen picked up a win via decision over three hard fought rounds.

“I’m sharpening up my technique. I can brawl amongst the best of them but when it comes to technique I do struggle to keep things tight. My Muay Thai is the main thing I can see a big improvement in, and that’s thanks to the guys at Shinkick – especially Jesse and Rob. Strength and conditioning is done at Andy’s with the resident S&C coach, James Hardy. Wrestling is also at Andy’s, with Csaba who is an absolute beast – fantastic teacher and all round nice guy. I couldn’t ask for a better set of guys. Having spent a few months’ worth of training up at Jude’s in London, it is a fantastic gym, but I just couldn’t afford to keep travelling up there.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who does find themselves in the Kings Cross area though.”

Helen Harper The Main Event Punch & Knockdown pic


Having recently been over to Phuket in Thailand to see her good friend and UFC flyweight athlete Ben Nguyen get married, which must of been amazing.  Helen went over to AKA to train and then competed in a Muay Thai fight.

I went over to witness Ben’s wedding, and had the opportunity to fight, so I grabbed it. Unfortunately, I also got very sick that week so it wasn’t my best fight but I made it to the end without throwing up so I was kind of happy about that!

Now back in the UK, Helen is set to face one of her biggest goals to date – the TUF 23 Trials out in Las Vegas on December 14th.  This is not the first time Helen has gone to try out for The Ultimate Fighter, back in April 2014 for season 20, Helen made it through to the final 20 athletes which is a great accomplishment in itself.

I came home on Monday evening to 8 messages telling me about the trials. I wasn’t going to go, purely through lack of funds, but then Andy had a long chat with me and told me to get there any way I could. He reminded me that this is what I have been aiming for all this time so it would be stupid not to go.

UFC is an organisation where anything could happen. Yes, I know the general expectation of me, but what they are looking for in a person for each series varies from show to show. The real bonus having been to Vegas before, is that there are a number of friendly faces I can count on to cheer me on!”

With costs from the UK to Las Vegas being expensive, especially on a massive UFC fight card week, yet alone near Christmas, Helen has decided to set up a ‘MAKEACHAMP‘ page to try to assist with the costs associated with getting to Las Vegas for the TUF 23 Trials.

Andy encouraged me to get to the trials any way I can. I am a Teaching assistant who’s been living in my overdraft since I can remember. Realistically the only way, even though I absolutely hate asking people, is to ask for help. I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the support. The way I look at it is people are not only giving me their hard earned cash to achieve my own dream, which is incredible in itself, but they are believing in me. For that I am extremely lucky.”

Helen is also holding a grapplethon at the gym she trains at, Andy Roberts BJJ, on December 6th to also help raise funds for herself to get to the TUF 23 Trials.

The plan is to grapple for 8 hours (10am-6pm). I was worried about not having enough people to turn up so I have been trying to book half hour slots – it’s not going that well so far. I hope I will get a few more booked this week! If anyone wants to come, it’s in Farnborough on Sunday and open to anyone!”

Helen would like to thank the following:

Whisky Wolf @TheWhiskyWolf

She cries war @shecrieswar

Str8 Cheer @STR8_CHEER

Xbrain @XbrainUk

Battle Balm @BattleBalm

Pony Club Grappling Gear

Andy Roberts BJJ @AndyRobertsBJJ

Shinkick Muay Thai @ShinkickMDK

And you can follow her on these social media platforms:

Twitter @hhhellraiser

Facebook –

Instagram – hhhellraiser

Website –

Thanks for your time Helen.  I look forward to seeing you reach your new goal and wish you the best of luck.

Photo Credits: Main Pic Say Uncle Promotions

Photo Credit: Pic 1 Main Event

Photo Credit: Pic 2 Scott Griffiths

YouTube video: Wombat Sports


“It will be a quick 1st round finish, or it will be a long drawn out back and forth battle” Helen’Hellraiser’Harper

British MMA athlete Helen Harper [3-0] today faces American, Cortney Casey at PXC 47 in Guam for her fourth Pro MMA fight.

The forever professional Harper, has flown thousands of miles across the world, from her home in the UK on her own, just so she can still keep on competing at top-level.

Here I get to speak with Helen (today, on the day of her fight), about her last victory, competing for PXC, up and coming female MMA athlete’s and that ONE contract she turned down!!

Helen Harper PXC 47 Profile Picture
Helen Harper PXC 47 Profile Picture

It’s been awhile since I’ve caught up with you, last time we spoke you were due to fight Simona Soukupova, which, unfortunately got cancelled due to Simona sustaining an injury, but I do believe you did manage to get another fight scheduled for a few weeks later.  Can you talk me through what that event was and how that went for you?

I did indeed get another fight, which was actually my last fight back in October. The fight was at ‘Say Uncle Fight Night’ in Sheffield, and I fought a girl from Gran Caneria called Nayra Acosta.

How did it feel to win in such a spectacular style in another TKO victory, in 4 minutes 37 seconds of the first round in that event on the evening of October 11th 2014?

I was pretty pleased with the win, obviously.  I was completely relaxed going into the cage which I think helped a lot. 

I’ve heard that in between your fights, you took part in some grappling competitions and that you had also been doing some training with Bryony Tyrell and Molly McCann.  Can you talk me through the grappling events and training with other like-minded female MMA athletes.

I have done a few grappling comps, although not as many as I would have liked as they are generally a little out my price range sadly. Training with Molly and the other girls was awesome, Molly is the next big thing in WMMA!  

Helen Harper Jiu Jitsu on the Beach Win via Armbar 2013
Helen Harper Jiu Jitsu on the Beach Win via Armbar 2013

You’re now 3-0 in your professional MMA career thus far and are set to face American Cortney ‘Cast Iron’ Casey (3-1) on Friday 13th March for your debut at Pacific Xtreme Combat (PXC) 47 in Guam.  How are you feeling about this new exciting challenge?

To be honest it’s all been a bit of a dream. Ever since I accepted the fight I’ve been telling people where and when it is but I don’t think I ever quite believed it would be happening. Now I’m sitting in my hotel room on fight morning and it really is!!

You’ve recently signed to PXC, can you talk me through how this came about?  Was it due to you being well-known through the Asian community, having spent 2 years at Phuket Top Team Training and living there before moving back to the UK?

I have been in contact with the guys from PXC for a while, and I would have loved to have fought for them back when I was in Phuket (it would have been a lot easier to get to then!).  I was struggling for fights so Ken (matchmaker) messaged me and offered me this fight with Courtney. I accepted the fight before knowing the opponent, although I knew who she was as soon as he said her name.

Helen Harper Weigh In PXC 47
Helen Harper Weigh In PXC 47

I also read somewhere, that you were offered a contract with Asian MMA promotion ONE? Firstly is this correct, secondly if so can you talk me through your reasoning as to why you felt it was not the right time to sign with ONE.

I was indeed offered a contract with ONE. My main problem was the lack of girls on their roster. It was an exclusive contract (meaning I could only fight for them) and at the time they only had 2 girls at 115 lbs (Ann Osman, who has now moved up to 125 lbs and Sherylin Lim who refused to make-weight and now doesn’t fight for anyone). On that basis I didn’t want to sign an exclusive 3 fight deal as I felt it would inhibit the progression of my career.

Looking back at that decision, is it something that you still stick by to this day for those reasons or is their just a tiny bit of you thinking ‘ I wonder where my career would be now, if I took that option’? 

To be honest, if the deal was the same (exclusive, 3 fight) I still wouldn’t sign. I believe unless there is a significant amount of fighters at your weight, signing an exclusive contract would not be productive. If it was non exclusive or a 1 fight deal then I would consider it.

On Friday 13th March, its fair to say that you will face your toughest challenge to date in that of  American Cortney ‘Cast Iron’ Casey at PXC 47 in Guam.  Have you managed to study any tape on Cortney, if so, have you and your team seen any holes in her overall game that you can exploit to your advantage? 

I’ve watched quite a few of Courtney’s tapes, she has a lot on YouTube. She’s very quick, and has some amazing submission transitions. Obviously I can’t give anything away on my part, but I will just say I’m more than ready for this.

Where do you feel that you will be stronger in this fight and where do you feel it may end up?

I have a feeling Courtney wants to take it to the ground, but who knows where it will end up!

Cortney has only seen the third round once and that was her second pro fight which resulted in a submission (Armbar) loss, back in October 2013, you yourself have only been to the third round once which was in your first pro MMA fight back in May 2013 for which you won.  You both have very similar styles.  Do you see this fight going all three rounds in an all out war or are we going to see a quick finish?

I can see it going one of two ways. Either it will be a quick first round finish, or it will be a long drawn out backwards and forwards battle. I’m happy with either, as long as I get my hand raised at the end of it!

Helen Harper vs Sammy Donnely at UIC
Helen Harper vs Sammy Donnelly at UIC 11

When you came back from Phuket, you made a new home at ‘ Andy Roberts BJJ’.  Can you talk me through how it feels to come back to the UK and to be accepted at a top UK Gym and also be treated like family?

Andy’s is amazing, I’ve made some friends for life there. I’ve also been training at Shinkick for Muay Thai and Urban Kings for some extra grappling. All three gyms have been nothing but supportive, kind and pushed me in the right direction. I’m very lucky to be able to train with such wonderful people.

I have to ask, your nickname ‘Hellraiser’ how did it come about?

The name Hellraiser actually started out as a bit of a joke. A friend of mine in Phuket used to shout ‘Hellraiser’ at me every time he saw me, and I didn’t even realise he was talking to me to start with. After a few weeks I started responding to it so it just stuck. When my first fight came around it made sense for it to be my nickname.

Since fight day is Friday 13th, are you superstitious at all, if so by what and what superstitions do you believe in?

I’m not really superstitious, I believe life is what you make it. Everything that seems ‘bad’ at the time usually happens for a reason (you just might not know the reason at the time). I’m all for walking under ladders with black cats, you only live once! 

Lastly, is their any sponsors or anyone you would like to Thank?

Absolutely! Firstly my sponsors: Xbrain (supplements), Battle Balm (herbal muscle relief), Str8 Cheer (sports bras) and Pony Club Grappling Gear (fight wear). Secondly the gyms I’m lucky enough to train at: Andy Roberts BJJ (Farnborough), Shinkick (Woking), Urban Kings (Kings Cross, London) and Mad Hatters (Chichester). Also, I’d like to thank each and every person that has sparred with me; gone over a bit of technique with me; pointed out a mistake of mine. Collectively you have all pointed me in the right direction! Finally, I couldn’t do any of this without the support of my insanely awesome family and my gorgeous boyfriend.  

Thank you for your time Helen, I really appreciate it.

You can watch Helen Harper take on Cortney Casey at PXC 47 today from 11.50 am UK time here.


Fight Order for PXC 47

Fight Order for PXC 47

You can keep up to date with Helen on her Fan page Faceback here.

Helen’s Twitter account here.

Helen’s personal webpage here.

Photo Credits: Helen Harper via her  Personal Facebook (Pics 1,2,3)

Photo Credits: Seth Bates – Ulitmate Impact 11 (Pic 4)


Harper fight shot

Helen ‘Hellraiser’ Harper announced earlier today on September 6th at Liquid Nightclub in Windsor [UK], she will be facing  Simona Soukupova for a strawweight contest, on the MMA Showdown 3 card.

Soukupova [4-3-1], is a very experienced athlete who has competed against the likes of Felice Herrig [currently in the TUF house] on there XFC19 card back in August 2012 where she lost to a decision and then Katja Kankaanpaa [fighting for the 115lb Invicta title also on September 6th, which you can watch on UFCFightpass for the first time] in which their bout ended in a Draw in Septemeber 2012; If you’re looking for a more recent win from Soukupova then you can now watch her win over Cassie Rodish from Invicta 5  [April 2013] on the UFCFightpass platform, which is available to watch now.

Harper, who recently went over to Las Vegas to try out for  ‘TUF20’ herself, [although not making it through to the final 16], out of the 36 females who did go out there to compete, Harper did make it through to the final 20 which is a great achievement for someone who has only been training just under 3 years.

Harper miesha roxanne TUF20

Harper [2-0], trained out Thailands Phuket Top Team before moving to Andy Roberts BJJ over here in the UK just recently. Having had the pleasure of witnessing Harper compete live and cageside in her debut amateur K1 contest for Ultimate Impact 11 back in February this year, winning via Split Decision, Harper is no easy’fight’ for Soukupova and whatever the outcome rest assured you will know both females will have left everthing in the Octagon come September 6th.

Helen Harper v Sammy Donnelly Ultimate Impact 11 [C] Steve Dyer
Helen Harper v Sammy Donnelly Ultimate Impact 11 [C] Steve Dyer
Contact Helen via her facebook for tickets:


Twitter :


MMA Showdown 3  Helen Harper v Simona Soukopova
MMA Showdown 3
Helen Harper v Simona Soukupova




`Ultimate Impact 11 held their first event of 2014 Benskin VS Cook 2  at their new location of GL1 Leisure Centre in Gloucester on Saturday 22nd February to an electrified, pumped up full house.

With six K1 fights on the card including four female K1 fights and seven MMA fights, Paul Sutherland and Dan Richards had definitely pulled this one out of the bag yet again with each show just getting better and better.

The main event was all about the Middleweight Title re-match between Lenny Benskin and Tommy Cook, after the first outing ended in a DQ for Lenny Benskin in which Tommy Cook gained The Middleweight Title; it was there in the centre of the cage both men agreed to an instant re-match and tonight was the night.

Referee’s Ron Frith and Leon Roberts were the third men in the cage and MC for the night was Darren Rees.

It was time to get the first fight underway and the atmosphere of the crowd in the new home of UIC, you could already start to feel the warm, electric vibe.


JACK PRICE    FURY MMA     0-1             JACK ‘THE LORD’SHORE    TILLERY COMBAT      2-0

Rnd 1 Both men are straight of out  the cage but it’s Shore who gains the TD and quickly moves into side control and then top position raining blows on Price who is trying to defend the flurry of shots and whilst doing so turns onto his stomach. Shore is controlling the action from the outset, and then sealing Price’s fate with a RNC at the 2min 3sec mark of Round 1. 




Rnd 1 Elkova straight in with kicks in this fast paced opening few seconds. Malina pushing forward as the aggressor and drops Elkova, then Malina comes in with a lovely superman punch using her clean timed punches well. Elkova moving forward using her punches and making good use of her sidekicks.

Rnd 2 Both women come out fast, Malina coming forward with her punches and starting to use more of her leg kicks, Elkova Is starting to come into her own as both women trade alike, Malina with a great spinning back fist, Elkova moving forward and making this a two-sided affair.

Rnd 3 Elkova straight in with a one, two combination followed by Malina landing a spinning back fist and a flying knee in this fast paced round.  Both women have a sense of urgency about them in this final round with neither giving an inch as the sound of clappers go for the last ten seconds Malina drops Elkova.  WINNER VIA DECISION PAULINA MALINA 

Paulina 'Young Gun' Malina



RND 1 Both women come out fast; Trevena making use of angles whilst Fendt is stalking down her opponent, Trevena is in and out, circling off to the side as Fendt is still finding her range and rhythm but also landing some awesome kicks and punches in the process.  Trevena has landed her own shots this first round and it is definitely not a one sided affair.

Rnd 2 Trevena is out first and lands with a front kick for which Fendt replies with a brutal sidekick, Trevena drops to her knees in agony.   Referee Ron Frith checks Trevena is able to carry on – all the while Fendt’s corner are shouting at the ref for allowing ‘too much time’ and Trevena’s corner are telling her to ‘suck it up’ but the look on Trevena’s face tells a different story!  With Fendt knowing she had done damage, she finds her rhythm coming forward landing brutal knees and kicks just as it signals for the end of the round.

Rnd 3 Fendt having found her earlier momentum and rhythm she is straight back where she left off  throwing some brutal leg kicks and knees then threw an awesome head kick which KO’d Trevena at 1min 01 sec Rnd 3WINNER LEA FENDT VIA KO

Lea Fendt KO's Zowie Trevena via Head Kick   (c)



Rnd1 Abulafur is straight out with punches, Figlak attempts an TD but Abdulafur pulls guard, Figlak in side control then gains top position where both men are working battling it out, Figlak being the dominant one with top position but Abulafur also working hard from bottom position.

Rnd 2 Figlak straight out and gains the TD, working hard from mount only for Abulafur to get back to his feet briefly and Figlak take him down again although whilst doing so Abulafur has made the error in leaving his arm out and Figlak  capilatizes on this but to no avail. Figlak gains another TD and continues to control Abulafur from mount.

Rnd 3 Figlak comes out punching and gets the TD, working from mount controlling Abdulafur this is far by means a one sided affair as Abdulafur is holding his own in this well evenly matched fight.





Rnd 1 Both men come out fast and are going for this like there is no tomorrow, it is constant action from the beginning with neither man not backing down. Both men are looking fierce but i’m sensing  Harthill is just wanting it a bit more in this very even first round.

Rnd 2 Sansom comes out and lands an awesome high kick but its Harthill that is like a man possessed, then at  1min 16 secs  Harthill KO’s Sansom. WINNER MATT HARTHILL VIA KO




Rnd 1 Both men opened up with exchanges of kicks, Wallace gains the TD whilst Grant is working of his back looking for a submission, sees a small opening for an arm triangle and attempts to secure the position but to no avail.

Rnd 2 Grant opens the round with kicks and Wallace returns the favour an awesome sidekick as he does Grant comes rushing forward, there is a scramble of some sorts, I am yelling Wallace watch for the guillotine, next you know, Grant seals the deal with the Guillotine at 0.25 secs Rnd 2.




Rnd 1 Both women come our fierce, with pure intention, working there kicks and solid knees whilst in the clinch position, Donnelly lands a lovely spinning back fist whilst Harper appears to be keeping it basic and trying to find her range in this first round.

Rnd 2 Both women come straight out firing shots at one another; Donnelly is really mixing it up well, Harper has now found her range and is landing more of her strikes on target but that is not to say Donnelly is not in this fight, quite the opposite.   Donnelley is coming back with counter punches and knees of her own, making this a very even fight at this point.

Rnd 3 Harper has found her rhythm and Donnelly appears to have been caught in Harpers clinches and been dealt some of Harpers knees, just when you think Donnelley is backed up against the cage she comes back and dominates the last 15 seconds or so of this very evenly fought fight.





Rnd 1 Great opening round for both men, both men are feeling each other out, Sakhizedeh teeps Jones straight in the face but this does not faze Jones, he is still moving forward throughout the first round and neither man is not backing down.

Rnd 2 Sakhizedeh straight in and shoots, gains the TD, working in top position as Jones is moving back to his corner against the cage on his back then is back to his feet. Sakhizedeh shoots in for another TD just before the end of the round finishes.

Rnd 3 Sakhizedeh comes out and get Jones in a great Arm Drag Wrestling move for which the crowd go wild, Jones is straight back to his feet, Sakhizedeh has Jones against the cage working for a position but to no avail. The action moves towards the centre of the cage, Sakhizedeh shows more of his great pedigree background in wrestling.  Jones puts up a terrific fight but he was just out wrestled on the night.  WINNER AMAN SAKHIZEDEH VIA UD



Rnd 1 Finney straight in with a one, two combination and knocks Evans down Finney on top raining blows.  Evans manages to get back up and both men are going back at it, there’s a scramble and Evans attempts an guillotine, Finney escapes by cage walking – but you really had to see this ‘technique’ he pulled off to escape back to his feet.  As soon as they are back to their feet neither man is backing down, it again goes back to the ground and both men are fighting hard for Top position, Evans sees Finney has his arm out during one of their many ‘roll’s to gain Top position  and takes it at  4min 24 secs Rnd 1





Rnd 1 Both men come out with a striking clinic and neither man is backing down. Kaufman drops Smith in the last seconds of the rounds with a brutal leg kick.

Rnd 2 Smith lands a brutal leg kick that drops Kaufman who does a celebratory jump, which is a bit premature as Kaufman recovers and comes back fighting with a lot more intent.

Rnd 3 Smith lands a great right that dropped Kaufman but Kaufman is not shying away and is still pushing the action forward in this action packed fight.




Rnd 1 Bousiff straight out and catches Astley with a left hook which drops him, Bousiff is straight on Astley to finish the job in hand, landing several shots before referee Leon Roberts calls a stop to the fight at 0.19secsWINNER ADAM BOUSIFF VIA TKO



Rnd 1 Both women come out fast, Handy finding her target with her long reach and constant jabs and punches early on.  Baker being the more cautious fighter and using her kicks to start with. Handy gets Baker with one of her awesome knees and drops Baker in this opening round.

Rnd 2 Baker is out first and is using her kicks to reach Handy and it’s clear you can see Baker’s kicks have been damaging as I notice a big red mark on Handy’s left outside thigh.  Handy is pushing forward with her awesome punching making Baker work against the cage; this is a great display of who wants this title eliminator the most in this second round.

Rnd 3 Handy straight out and in with a one, two combination followed by her awesome knees and even more punches, making Baker work off the cage. This is not a one sided affair Baker is giving Handy her own share of kicks and punches which seems as Handy is coming under fire a little in the dying seconds of the final round, as she has Baker against the cage wall. Both women give it their all in this all-out war and leave everything in the cage.




Rnd 1 Cook shoots in and gets Benskin down, Cook on top and looking for a position all the while Cook is grinding out punches to Benskin, it gets back to their feet and Benskin is raining in some short sharp elbows to Cook’s head.  Cook then gets Benskin to the ground and throws his own punches on Benskin, showing just how much this Title fight means to both men. Benskin has managed to stop quite a few of Cook’s TD’s and only two have been successful in this opening, exiting round.

Rnd 2 Cook again shoots in and Benskin defends the TD perfectly and replies with short harsh elbows to Cook’s head.  Cook has Benskin against the cage and is throwing knees, and for a brief, second it did appear Benskin was in a bit of trouble but Benskin rolled out of it, Cook got straight back on Benskin raining blow after blow and even some nasty elbows.  Benskin is covering up at this point and Cook rolls him over and attempts a RNC to no avail.  Benskin turtles up and weathers the storm and the remainder of the round.

Rnd 3 Cook comes straight out and in for the TD for which he briefly gets as Benskin is straight out into side control against the cage.  Benskin trying to land punches but Cook has hold of his wrist and therefore gains wrist control although a few of Benskin punches manages to get through, Cook gets out and gets Benskins back only for Benskin to roll to his front.  Cook now in Top position, both trying to gain punches, Benskin gets Cook rolled over and he is now on Top in this ‘topsey turvey’ last few moments of this exciting Title Fight. It is clear to say that neither man wants to lose this fight. This fight had everything from start to finish and both men left everything in the cage.


UIC 11 Middleweight Champion
UIC 11 Middleweight Champion – Tommy Cook   (c) Emma Bramford

Photo Credits: NJFPhotography  







#UIC 11 Started the year with an almighty bang.

The night consisted of 6 K1 fights and 7 MMA fights, in which 4 of the 6  K1 fights were represented by the women.

Here is a round up of the nights results with a full event report coming shortly.

Ultimate impact round cards

**Jack Shore  Def Jack Price Via RNC  2mins 3sec Rnd 1

***Paulina Malina  Def Katie Elkova Via Decision

***Lea Fendt Def Zowie Trevena Via KO 1min 01sec Rnd 3

**Matt Figlak Def Cadre Abulafur Via UD

***Matt Harthill Def Matt Sansom Via KO 1min 16 sec Rnd 2

**Daryl Grant Def Euan Wallace Via Guillotine 0.25 secs Rnd2

***Helen Harper Def Sammy Donnley Via Split Decison

**Aman Sakhizedeh Def Michael Jones Via UD

**Karl Evans Def Mark Finney Via Armbar 4min 24 secs Rnd 1

***Steve Smith Def Matt Kaufman Via UD

**Adam Bousiff Def Chris Astley Via TKO 0.19secs Rnd 1

***Laura Handy Def Anya Baker Via UD 

**Tommy Cook Def Leighthan Benskin Via UD*


* Tommy Cook still The Middleweight UIC Champion

** MMA

*** K1 

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