Ffion Eira Davies is a name that should firmly be on everyone’s lips in the world of MMA.  If you have not heard of this bright, talented,upcoming, future star, then please let me introduce you to her.

Making her second amateur MMA appearance on Saturday, February 21st at UIC14, GL1, Gloucester. The 20-year-old from Wales, who trains out of Chris Rees Academy in Swansea is no stranger when it comes to competition, having been competing in Judo since age 9 and BJJ for the last 18 months.

I managed to speak with Ffion to find out more about her, her achievements in the world of Judo and BJJ, MMA and Ronda Rousey.


Ffion Davies competing in BJJ

You maybe ‘new’ on the MMA scene but you’re not on the BJJ scene. Can you talk me through all your achievements please.

I started BJJ about a year and a half ago now, originally just as a hobby. It’s quite funny because I always hated groundwork in judo and avoided it at all costs! But I ended up falling in love with it, and since then I’ve won the British gi and no gi, Paris gi and no gi, the Welsh gi and no gi, NAGA at my own weight and the absolute (blue and purple belt) and most recently the European championships in Portugal all at blue belt. So far I’ve not lost a BJJ match.

Not only contempt in BJJ, you started out in Judo; at what age did you start training in Judo, then competing? What achievements have you achieved in the world of Judo?

I started judo when I was about 9 years old, and started competing 3 months later. I won the Welsh a few times and the British twice as a Cadet/Junior. I trained full-time for a year in Sophia Gardens with the Welsh National Coach Craig Ewers, but I noticed my passion for judo was dwindling after so many years of competing and decided I wanted something fresh. That’s when I found BJJ which led me to MMA.

You train out of Chris Rees Academy who trains many up and coming champion MMA athletes, along with arguably one of the best Bantamweights Wales have seen in a long time, Brett Johns, who also comes from a judo background and who also was the Cage Warriors World Bantamweight Champion. How does it feel to train with another high level Judoka who has made the transition into MMA?

It’s quite funny because one of the main reasons I started MMA was because of Brett! We were in the same comprehensive school, he was in my brothers year, and we also did judo together growing up! I saw his posts on Facebook about MMA and I was amazed by it, at the same time Ronda Rousey had become big on the scene and I saw that the transition from a judo background would be pretty ideal for me! It’s amazing to have such a high level fighter as a teammate and friend, it’s very motivating. I’m looking forward to him claiming another world title! 

Was it always the ‘plan’ to make the transition to MMA, having had the Judo and BJJ background, or was it something that just progressed organically?

No not really, BJJ and MMA were supposed to be fitness hobbies. But I’m hugely competitive and couldn’t resist competing in the end!

Ffion Davies first amateur MMA fight
Ffion Davies first amateur MMA fight


Are there any other disciplines you are quite well versed in? Was you already doing Kickboxing, K1, Muay Thai, Karate etc whilst you were competing at Judo/BJJ? 

Nope, I started learning striking in the MMA class, and have taken so many punches to the face it’s hilarious. Chris (my coach) then arranged for me to start doing pad work with Sam Thomas who’s one of the Thai boxing coaches at the academy. He’s really helped me a lot with my striking the past few weeks and invested a lot of time in helping me. I’m extremely grateful to him and all my teammates.

You finally had you’re first amateur MMA fight at SnA for which you won via Kimura Keylock in the first round. How did that finally feel to get that first MMA fight out the way with all the false starts you’ve had previously due to scheduled fights being cancelled through opponents being injured?

It’s been very frustrating the past few months because of pull outs. If you don’t want to fight don’t sign up to it, amateur is all about gaining experience whether you win or lose. When I finally did get to fight on SnA I was ecstatic; especially against a good opponent who I knew wouldn’t pull out due to ‘injury’. Jade was a decorated fighter who I knew wouldn’t pull out as she was confident in her abilities so it made it all the more nerve-racking. There’s no other feeling like fighting in the cage and I want as many fights as I can get!

Can you talk me through the experience you finally felt achieving your first amateur MMA fight? Was it any different to what you had ‘thought’ it would be like? Once at the venue knowing the crowds are there, walking out to the cage and into the cage and of course the fight itself.

I loved every minute of fighting, but the nerves are like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I spewed the day before and a few times on the day of the fight due to nerves, I’ve never been that bad before! Then in the last half hour before the fight everything changed and I became this aggressive psycho who just couldn’t wait to get in the cage! And then after the win I felt on top of the world, there’s really nothing else like it.

You’re competing on UIC 14 at GL1, Gloucester, this Saturday, February 21st in your 2nd amateur MMA fight. How are you feeling this time?

I feel just as nervous, but also excited. I have more self belief this time round and I’ve been training hard.

You’re facing the UIC K1 Flyweight Champion Laura Handy, do you know anything about your opponent?  do you watch your opponents fight video’s or do you leave that to your coach/team and you take their instruction in what you need to focus on?

Yeah I’ve had a look at a few of her fights, but it’s always down to what my coach Chris wants me to do. He has so much experience in coaching that I know he knows what’s best for me and so I put my trust in him to decide! At first that was hard as I’m stubborn, but after so many grappling comps where I’ve followed his instructions and won that stubbornness quickly went away!

Ffion Davies first amateur MMA fight
Ffion Davies first amateur MMA fight


This is a classic ‘striker vs grappler’ fight and it’s fair to say with Laura being a K1 Champion and yourself a BJJ champion, for the fan watching this is a great match-up made by Paul Sutherland. Where do you see the fight going yourself?

Naturally were both going to want to go where we feel our strongest. I’ve been putting in a lot of effort to round-up my game. Obviously we are both going to imagine ourselves winning, nobody steps into the cage expecting to lose. I’ll do my best, and she will do her best, and whoever is the better fighter will win.

Has anybody ever referenced you to ‘Ronda Rousey’ at all with your Judo background and your Arm bar submissions in BJJ along with your sleek ground game?

Chris says I have a moody face like her! I get where it could come from but not really.. We both did judo but she was Olympic standard whereas I was very very far away from that standard!

Is there any sponsors or anyone you would like to thank for this fight?

Tatami Fightwear for providing me with free BJJ kit! And although obviously they aren’t sponsors but they buy me snacks and give me lifts, I’d like to thank my teammates, coaches and family!

Thank you for your time today Ffion it is much appreciated.

You can keep up to date with Ffion on her Twitter page here.

Ffion’s Facebook page here.

If you still require tickets for Saturday’s event click here.

Photo Credit 2 and 3: Marc Moggridge

Photo Credit 1: BJJStyle.com


Ultimate Impact 14 Event Poster
Ultimate Impact 14 Event Poster

Fight Card:

  1. SHANE RILEY V ADAM BOUSIFF  77.2kg Welterweight Title
  2. MARC ALLEN V TERRY DOYLE  70.4kg Lightweight Title
  3. STEVE SMITH V DAVE CONLON  78kg Catchweight k1
  4. IAN DALBY V LEE RUSSELL 56.8kg  Flyweight pro
  5. LAURA HANDY V FFION DAVIES  61.3kg Bantamweight ammy
  6. PAULINA MALINA V AMY O’MARA  52.2kg Strawweight ammy
  7. HARRY DAVIS V OLLY MYERS 77.2kg  Welterweight ammy
  8. JEMMA JACQUES V BRYONY TYRELL 56.8kg  Flyweight ammy
  9. ANDREE WARBRICK V ASHLEIGH JOHNSON  54kg Catchweight k1 ammy
  10. POLLY BEAUCHAMP V CHARLOTTE FREEMAN 52.2kg Strawweight ammy
  11. JORDAN PATEY V WILL JONES  90kg Catchweight ammy
  12. MACK STEVENS V JOSH OZANE  74kg Catchweight ammy
  13. BARTOSZ RUSIECKI V LAURENCE COATES  72kg Catchweight k1 ammy
  14. DAVE TIBBETS V PAT BENSON 90KG Catchweight ammy






'The Beast' Laura Handy

‘The Beast’ Laura Handy

Hey Laura Thank you for your time today.

You’re currently undefeated in the UIC cage [under K1] and the current flyweight K1 champion [Congratulations]. Why the change now to compete on the show in MMA when you are clearly having a great career in the K1 scene?

I’ve always wanted to compete in MMA, my strongest point was striking so I used K1 to gain experience in the cage. I’ve had 6 k1 fights now so I just feel the time is right to make the step to MMA.

Does this mean that you will not be competing in K1 for the time being and the focus is more on MMA or will you do both [K1 and MMA] side by side?

The plan is to see how this first fight goes. I know I have a lot of work to do with regards to my ground game and the last few months have been a big learning curve. I’ll still fight k1 to keep my striking strong and hopefully do both side by side.

How has the transition been going in learning all aspects of MMA? 

It’s been a tough couple of months trying to bring everything together but I’ve been having 1-1’s with my coach Ryan Norwood and working with people like Wayne Drake and Chris Hipkiss to help pull it all together.

Have you had any ‘taster’ tournaments such as any ‘interclubs’ or ‘BJJ’ tournaments to gauge yourself how you feel you are progressing or are you leaving it all in your capable coaches hands?

No I haven’t done any interclubs etc but it is something I want to do after this fight just to gain more experience.

I know from when we first spoke in your first interview with me that it has always been your aim to evolve into the MMA scene. Can you tell me what it is about the sport in whole that appeals to you and why?

MMA is appealing to me basically because you can never predict a fight, you’re always learning and developing.

Have you got a new ‘training’ addiction? [Last time we spoke it was weight training].

I’m still a big fan of weight training and have added in lots of Hiit and circuit training to this camp too.

You’re going to be fighting Ffion Davies who trains out if Chris Rees Academy in Wales at UIC 14 on February 21st. Do you know much about Ffion?

I know that Ffion fought last year and won via submission, and I know she’s coming in to the cage with a high level grappling game but I haven’t watched any videos.

This is a classic ‘Striker Vs Grappler’ fight. It’s fair to say with Ffion being a BJJ champion and yourself a K1 champion, to the fan this is a great match up made by Paul Sutherland. Where do you see the fight going yourself?

Yeah it’s a great match up, albeit a tough one. I know Ffion will want the fight on the ground; without giving too much away I’ve been working on all areas so I have to just stick to what we have been working on.

Laura Handy just after her winning her K1 Flyweight Title Fight
Laura Handy just after her winning her K1 Flyweight Title Fight

How do you think you will adjust to the time of the rounds in MMA being longer than K1?

In all my fights I tend to feel more comfortable as the rounds go on so I think the longer rounds will suit me better and give me time to adjust to my opponent.

With each fight is the nerves getting any better? If so how are you dealing with them now?

No, I’m still a bag of nerves on the day lol! It’s just something I have to deal with and once we’re in the cage the nerves just have to go!

Has this training camp been a lot harder in trying to manage the quality time you still spend with your daughter Ayva and of course absorbing all the new training techniques?

To be honest it’s ok, most of my training is at night-time and most nights Ayva is usually in bed by the time I set out for the gym. I have two days off work in the week which I spend doing things with her!

After this fight on February 21st will you be indulging in Ayva’s ‘Chocolate Freddo Bars’ with her?

Yes I will be eating my body weight in chocolate and ice cream lol!

You’re known for bringing a crowd with you, how much does the noise of your own supporters help you when you’re in the cage?

It helps a lot to hear everyone shouting! During the last fight against Linzi Edwards our supporters were having a shout off which was quite funny! But yeah it does help to keep me going and keep me focused and I’m grateful that they want to come and support me.

Lastly, is there any sponsors or anybody you would like to thank?

Yes big thanks to Warrior Fightwear for all my training and fight gear! And thanks to Ryan Norwood and everyone else at FuryMMA for helping me through this fight camp and helping with my ground work!

Thank you for your time Laura.

You can keep up-to-date on everything Laura is doing on her athlete Facebook page or her Twitter page.

Laura Handy 'Fight Page' Banner Credit: Mack
Laura Handy ‘Fight Page’ Banner Credit: Mack

If you have not done so yet, you can purchase tickets to see Laura make her MMA debut at UIC 14, GL1, Gloucester on February 21st here, or contact any of the fighters to see of they still any.


Ultimate Impact 14 Event Poster
Ultimate Impact 14 Event Poster

Date: 21st February 2015

Venue: GL1 Leisure Centre, Gloucester, GL1 1DT



  1. SHANE RILEY V ADAM BOUSIFF 77.2kg Welterweight Title
  2. MARC ALLEN V TERRY DOYLE 70.4kg Lightweight Title
  3. STEVE SMITH V DAVE CONLON 78kg Catchweight k1
  4. IAN DALBY V LEE RUSSELL 56.8kg Flyweight pro
  5. LAURA HANDY V FFION DAVIES 61.3kg Bantamweight ammy
  6. PAULINA MALINA V AMY O’MARA 52.2kg Strawweight ammy
  7. HARRY DAVIS V OLLY MYERS 77.2kg Welterweight ammy
  8. JEMMA JACQUES V BRYONY TYRELL 56.8kg Flyweight ammy
  9. ANDREE WARBRICK V ASHLEIGH JOHNSON 54kg Catchweight k1 ammy
  10. POLLY BEAUCHAMP V CHARLOTTE FREEMAN 52.2kg Strawweight ammy
  11. JORDAN PATEY V WILL JONES 90kg Catchweight ammy
  12. MACK STEVENS V JOSH OZANE 74kg Catchweight ammy
  13. BARTOSZ RUSIECKI V LAURENCE COATES 72kg Catchweight k1 ammy
  14. DAVE TIBBETS V PAT BENSON 90KG Catchweight ammy







UIC12 landscape

If you need convincing that little bit more, here is a statement written by Ultimate Impact owner Dan Richards:

Tonight at GL1 lesiure centre we return with one of finest fightcard ever put togther by match maker Paul Sutherland. The card feature some of the very best up and coming K1 and MMA fighters from around the Midlands and South West region. Ultimate Impact 12 kicks off at a slightly earlier time of 4.30pm featuring 4 amatuer MMA and K1 amateur bouts, and the main card starting at 5.30pm

One of our good media partners Split Decision was kind enough to give some of the fighters on the card some media exposure and here is what they had to say;

Phil Wells: “I predict it will be a good fight”

This weekend see’s Ultimate Impact return with their 12th installment, with three main event title fights, and set to defend his Welterweight Championship is Phil Wells.

Sophie Tidey: “I never underestimate any fighter

Taking to the cage at Ultimate Impact 12 this weekend is Sophie Tidey who takes on Camille Sch in an amateur K1 bout and could easily take away fight of the night honors.

Aaron Khalid ahead of UIC 12: “Its an honour to be fighting on it”

UIC 12 takes place this weekend with a bumper line up of fights, live from the G1 leisure centre in Gloucester. Competing on the card is Aaron Khalid who looks to showcase his ever developing skill set and ahead of his match up, I caught up with him to get his thoughts on his fight …

Jack Price: “I will be looking to control the fight”

Jack Price is no stranger to the Ultimate Impact show, after competing on the promotion in the past, and this weekend he returns to the show fight in a K1 bout.

Terry Doyle: “I’ve trained my ass off for this fight and I’m coming to win”

This coming weekend see’s Ultimate Impact host their 12th show, with a packed line up of fights, and one of the championship fights on the evening features Terry Doyle as he aims to take home the lightweight championship.

Ultimate Impact 11 was a great event and those that were there will certainly 2nd that… for those that were here is a preview of what went down, and why UIC12 will be yet another great event:

Ultimate Impact 11 was a great event and those that were there will certainly 2nd that… for those that were here is a preview of what went down, and why UIC12 will be yet another great event:

Here is a breakdown of the fightcard for tonights event:

Current UIC welterweight champion Phil Wells fighting out of Swindon Vale Tudo will make his first defence after an impressive and dominate performance at UIC10 when he beat Rob Leybourne with an impressive TKO finish. Looking to take the belt from Phil is highly touted Adam Bousiff fighting out of Force MMA under veteran head coach Daz Jones. Adam scored one of the quickest finishes in Ultimate Impact history when he TKO’d Chris Astley following a pin point accurate hook and followed up with some heavy hammer fists before Leon Roberts stepped in!

In our first female championship fight, Laura Handy and Cheryl Fylnn will take to the cage to become the first ever UIC K1 champion! Laura has been on a tear recently winning her last 3 fights, all of which have been at Ultimate Impact Events and she has shown a determination that is rarely seen. Her style means that she never takes a backward step and just keeps coming round after round until her hand is raised at the end. However she will be taking on Cheryl Flynn who arguably has more technical striking and also keeps coming forward. Cheryl is known for her agressiveness and high volume style so this match up is set for fireworks, which ever lady takes it will have certainly earnt it.

Veteran UIC lightweight champion Wayne Drake seems to improve each and every time he steps inside the Ultimate Impact cage and is the perfect example of someone who does his talk inside the cage. Always very well prepared Wayne will most certainly have the grappling advantage over the heavy hitting challenger Terry Doyle. Terry has knockout power in both hands and Ultimate Impact fans will know all about it! This is a true grappler vs striker match and I personally can not wait to see who comes out the champion.

The rest of the card is as follows:

Chris Astley v Toby Hartman
Craig White v Jon Williamson
Mark Finney v Aaron Khalid
Jack Shore v Piotr Egert
Matt ‘George’ Hartill v Bryn Cooper
Cadre Abdulafur v Duane Barnes


Mason Carter v Nathan Powell
Camille Sch v Sophie Tidey
Lawrence Coates v Jack Price
Thomas Karpinski v Greg artis
Raymond Nelmes v Dan Reeves

Doors open at 4pm and the first fight is at 4.30pm, with the main card starting at 5.30pm.

Tickets are available, just use the link below to purchase your ticket, or tickets are available from the GL1 reception all day and throughout the evening.


If you missed my interview with Laura Handy you catch it again here:


Ultimate impact round cards


UIC12 landscape

On June 28th the GL1 Leisure Centre in Gloucester will play host to Ultimate Impact 12 for an awesome night of MMA and K1 including three title fights [two MMA] and the first ever female Flyweight K1 Title fight.

UIC12 K1 Belt

Phil Wells [C] v Adam Boussif  WW Title
Laura Handy v Cheryl Flynn  Vacant Flyweight k1 Title
Wayne Drake [C] v Terry Doyle  LW Title
Chris Astley v Toby Hartman
Craig White v Jon Williamson
Mark Finney v Aaron Khalid
Carl Swaby v Aaerion Orme
Jack Shore v Piotr Egert
Matt ‘George’ Hartill v Bryn Cooper


Mason Carter v Nathan Powell
Greg Artis v Thomas Karpinski
Camille Sch v Sophie Tidey
Laurence Coates v Jack Price
Raymond Nelmes v Dan Reeves

Here is a little taster for what you can expect at UIC12 this weekend:


You can still get tickets from some of the  fighters [listed above] alteratively click on this link to purchase online:


Doors open at 4pm

First bout 4.30pm



`Ultimate Impact 11 held their first event of 2014 Benskin VS Cook 2  at their new location of GL1 Leisure Centre in Gloucester on Saturday 22nd February to an electrified, pumped up full house.

With six K1 fights on the card including four female K1 fights and seven MMA fights, Paul Sutherland and Dan Richards had definitely pulled this one out of the bag yet again with each show just getting better and better.

The main event was all about the Middleweight Title re-match between Lenny Benskin and Tommy Cook, after the first outing ended in a DQ for Lenny Benskin in which Tommy Cook gained The Middleweight Title; it was there in the centre of the cage both men agreed to an instant re-match and tonight was the night.

Referee’s Ron Frith and Leon Roberts were the third men in the cage and MC for the night was Darren Rees.

It was time to get the first fight underway and the atmosphere of the crowd in the new home of UIC, you could already start to feel the warm, electric vibe.


JACK PRICE    FURY MMA     0-1             JACK ‘THE LORD’SHORE    TILLERY COMBAT      2-0

Rnd 1 Both men are straight of out  the cage but it’s Shore who gains the TD and quickly moves into side control and then top position raining blows on Price who is trying to defend the flurry of shots and whilst doing so turns onto his stomach. Shore is controlling the action from the outset, and then sealing Price’s fate with a RNC at the 2min 3sec mark of Round 1. 




Rnd 1 Elkova straight in with kicks in this fast paced opening few seconds. Malina pushing forward as the aggressor and drops Elkova, then Malina comes in with a lovely superman punch using her clean timed punches well. Elkova moving forward using her punches and making good use of her sidekicks.

Rnd 2 Both women come out fast, Malina coming forward with her punches and starting to use more of her leg kicks, Elkova Is starting to come into her own as both women trade alike, Malina with a great spinning back fist, Elkova moving forward and making this a two-sided affair.

Rnd 3 Elkova straight in with a one, two combination followed by Malina landing a spinning back fist and a flying knee in this fast paced round.  Both women have a sense of urgency about them in this final round with neither giving an inch as the sound of clappers go for the last ten seconds Malina drops Elkova.  WINNER VIA DECISION PAULINA MALINA 

Paulina 'Young Gun' Malina
(c) NJFPhotography.com



RND 1 Both women come out fast; Trevena making use of angles whilst Fendt is stalking down her opponent, Trevena is in and out, circling off to the side as Fendt is still finding her range and rhythm but also landing some awesome kicks and punches in the process.  Trevena has landed her own shots this first round and it is definitely not a one sided affair.

Rnd 2 Trevena is out first and lands with a front kick for which Fendt replies with a brutal sidekick, Trevena drops to her knees in agony.   Referee Ron Frith checks Trevena is able to carry on – all the while Fendt’s corner are shouting at the ref for allowing ‘too much time’ and Trevena’s corner are telling her to ‘suck it up’ but the look on Trevena’s face tells a different story!  With Fendt knowing she had done damage, she finds her rhythm coming forward landing brutal knees and kicks just as it signals for the end of the round.

Rnd 3 Fendt having found her earlier momentum and rhythm she is straight back where she left off  throwing some brutal leg kicks and knees then threw an awesome head kick which KO’d Trevena at 1min 01 sec Rnd 3WINNER LEA FENDT VIA KO

Lea Fendt KO's Zowie Trevena via Head Kick   (c) NJPhotography.com



Rnd1 Abulafur is straight out with punches, Figlak attempts an TD but Abdulafur pulls guard, Figlak in side control then gains top position where both men are working battling it out, Figlak being the dominant one with top position but Abulafur also working hard from bottom position.

Rnd 2 Figlak straight out and gains the TD, working hard from mount only for Abulafur to get back to his feet briefly and Figlak take him down again although whilst doing so Abulafur has made the error in leaving his arm out and Figlak  capilatizes on this but to no avail. Figlak gains another TD and continues to control Abulafur from mount.

Rnd 3 Figlak comes out punching and gets the TD, working from mount controlling Abdulafur this is far by means a one sided affair as Abdulafur is holding his own in this well evenly matched fight.


(c) NJPhotography.com



Rnd 1 Both men come out fast and are going for this like there is no tomorrow, it is constant action from the beginning with neither man not backing down. Both men are looking fierce but i’m sensing  Harthill is just wanting it a bit more in this very even first round.

Rnd 2 Sansom comes out and lands an awesome high kick but its Harthill that is like a man possessed, then at  1min 16 secs  Harthill KO’s Sansom. WINNER MATT HARTHILL VIA KO

(c) NJPhotography.com



Rnd 1 Both men opened up with exchanges of kicks, Wallace gains the TD whilst Grant is working of his back looking for a submission, sees a small opening for an arm triangle and attempts to secure the position but to no avail.

Rnd 2 Grant opens the round with kicks and Wallace returns the favour an awesome sidekick as he does Grant comes rushing forward, there is a scramble of some sorts, I am yelling Wallace watch for the guillotine, next you know, Grant seals the deal with the Guillotine at 0.25 secs Rnd 2.




Rnd 1 Both women come our fierce, with pure intention, working there kicks and solid knees whilst in the clinch position, Donnelly lands a lovely spinning back fist whilst Harper appears to be keeping it basic and trying to find her range in this first round.

Rnd 2 Both women come straight out firing shots at one another; Donnelly is really mixing it up well, Harper has now found her range and is landing more of her strikes on target but that is not to say Donnelly is not in this fight, quite the opposite.   Donnelley is coming back with counter punches and knees of her own, making this a very even fight at this point.

Rnd 3 Harper has found her rhythm and Donnelly appears to have been caught in Harpers clinches and been dealt some of Harpers knees, just when you think Donnelley is backed up against the cage she comes back and dominates the last 15 seconds or so of this very evenly fought fight.


(c) NJPhotography.com



Rnd 1 Great opening round for both men, both men are feeling each other out, Sakhizedeh teeps Jones straight in the face but this does not faze Jones, he is still moving forward throughout the first round and neither man is not backing down.

Rnd 2 Sakhizedeh straight in and shoots, gains the TD, working in top position as Jones is moving back to his corner against the cage on his back then is back to his feet. Sakhizedeh shoots in for another TD just before the end of the round finishes.

Rnd 3 Sakhizedeh comes out and get Jones in a great Arm Drag Wrestling move for which the crowd go wild, Jones is straight back to his feet, Sakhizedeh has Jones against the cage working for a position but to no avail. The action moves towards the centre of the cage, Sakhizedeh shows more of his great pedigree background in wrestling.  Jones puts up a terrific fight but he was just out wrestled on the night.  WINNER AMAN SAKHIZEDEH VIA UD



Rnd 1 Finney straight in with a one, two combination and knocks Evans down Finney on top raining blows.  Evans manages to get back up and both men are going back at it, there’s a scramble and Evans attempts an guillotine, Finney escapes by cage walking – but you really had to see this ‘technique’ he pulled off to escape back to his feet.  As soon as they are back to their feet neither man is backing down, it again goes back to the ground and both men are fighting hard for Top position, Evans sees Finney has his arm out during one of their many ‘roll’s to gain Top position  and takes it at  4min 24 secs Rnd 1

(c) NJPhotography.com




Rnd 1 Both men come out with a striking clinic and neither man is backing down. Kaufman drops Smith in the last seconds of the rounds with a brutal leg kick.

Rnd 2 Smith lands a brutal leg kick that drops Kaufman who does a celebratory jump, which is a bit premature as Kaufman recovers and comes back fighting with a lot more intent.

Rnd 3 Smith lands a great right that dropped Kaufman but Kaufman is not shying away and is still pushing the action forward in this action packed fight.




Rnd 1 Bousiff straight out and catches Astley with a left hook which drops him, Bousiff is straight on Astley to finish the job in hand, landing several shots before referee Leon Roberts calls a stop to the fight at 0.19secsWINNER ADAM BOUSIFF VIA TKO



Rnd 1 Both women come out fast, Handy finding her target with her long reach and constant jabs and punches early on.  Baker being the more cautious fighter and using her kicks to start with. Handy gets Baker with one of her awesome knees and drops Baker in this opening round.

Rnd 2 Baker is out first and is using her kicks to reach Handy and it’s clear you can see Baker’s kicks have been damaging as I notice a big red mark on Handy’s left outside thigh.  Handy is pushing forward with her awesome punching making Baker work against the cage; this is a great display of who wants this title eliminator the most in this second round.

Rnd 3 Handy straight out and in with a one, two combination followed by her awesome knees and even more punches, making Baker work off the cage. This is not a one sided affair Baker is giving Handy her own share of kicks and punches which seems as Handy is coming under fire a little in the dying seconds of the final round, as she has Baker against the cage wall. Both women give it their all in this all-out war and leave everything in the cage.




Rnd 1 Cook shoots in and gets Benskin down, Cook on top and looking for a position all the while Cook is grinding out punches to Benskin, it gets back to their feet and Benskin is raining in some short sharp elbows to Cook’s head.  Cook then gets Benskin to the ground and throws his own punches on Benskin, showing just how much this Title fight means to both men. Benskin has managed to stop quite a few of Cook’s TD’s and only two have been successful in this opening, exiting round.

Rnd 2 Cook again shoots in and Benskin defends the TD perfectly and replies with short harsh elbows to Cook’s head.  Cook has Benskin against the cage and is throwing knees, and for a brief, second it did appear Benskin was in a bit of trouble but Benskin rolled out of it, Cook got straight back on Benskin raining blow after blow and even some nasty elbows.  Benskin is covering up at this point and Cook rolls him over and attempts a RNC to no avail.  Benskin turtles up and weathers the storm and the remainder of the round.

Rnd 3 Cook comes straight out and in for the TD for which he briefly gets as Benskin is straight out into side control against the cage.  Benskin trying to land punches but Cook has hold of his wrist and therefore gains wrist control although a few of Benskin punches manages to get through, Cook gets out and gets Benskins back only for Benskin to roll to his front.  Cook now in Top position, both trying to gain punches, Benskin gets Cook rolled over and he is now on Top in this ‘topsey turvey’ last few moments of this exciting Title Fight. It is clear to say that neither man wants to lose this fight. This fight had everything from start to finish and both men left everything in the cage.


UIC 11 Middleweight Champion
UIC 11 Middleweight Champion – Tommy Cook   (c) Emma Bramford

Photo Credits: NJFPhotography  







#UIC 11 Started the year with an almighty bang.

The night consisted of 6 K1 fights and 7 MMA fights, in which 4 of the 6  K1 fights were represented by the women.

Here is a round up of the nights results with a full event report coming shortly.

Ultimate impact round cards

**Jack Shore  Def Jack Price Via RNC  2mins 3sec Rnd 1

***Paulina Malina  Def Katie Elkova Via Decision

***Lea Fendt Def Zowie Trevena Via KO 1min 01sec Rnd 3

**Matt Figlak Def Cadre Abulafur Via UD

***Matt Harthill Def Matt Sansom Via KO 1min 16 sec Rnd 2

**Daryl Grant Def Euan Wallace Via Guillotine 0.25 secs Rnd2

***Helen Harper Def Sammy Donnley Via Split Decison

**Aman Sakhizedeh Def Michael Jones Via UD

**Karl Evans Def Mark Finney Via Armbar 4min 24 secs Rnd 1

***Steve Smith Def Matt Kaufman Via UD

**Adam Bousiff Def Chris Astley Via TKO 0.19secs Rnd 1

***Laura Handy Def Anya Baker Via UD 

**Tommy Cook Def Leighthan Benskin Via UD*


* Tommy Cook still The Middleweight UIC Champion

** MMA

*** K1 

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