RAGED X – Full Results

Raged UK MMA held their tenth event on Saturday, May 25th 2019, at the Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon.

Raged UK MMA held their tenth event on Saturday, May 25th 2019, at the Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon to a sell-out crowd.  With six title fights on the card, the Swindon crowd were in for a night of full out action from start to finish.

It has to be said that promoter Gary Turland pulled it out of the bag for this event, with last minute changes to some of the opponents, just so the show could go on and the athletes that had trained hard to compete did just that, compete.

Credt: Ben Fitch - South West Media
Dean Hart with a flying knee against Kirk Heely Photo Credit: (C) Ben Fitch – South West Media

RAGED X – Full Results

Amateur (3 x 3 minutes)

Jack Bryant DEF Rich Lukacs via standing guillotine 1:05 rnd 1

Steve Ridgway DEF Matthew Thorn via TKO (Gnp) 1:16 rnd 1

Maro Roznovjak DEF Rikki Wyatt via TKO (GnP) 1:10 rnd 1

Christopher Whitfield DEF Jesse Mccann via RNC 2:42 rnd 1

Gary Trevett DEF Rio Joseph via RNC 1:00 rnd 1

Grant Ogborne DEF Adam Ay via UD

Kirk Heely DEF Dean Hart via UD to become Amateur Featherweight Champion

Tom Enstone DEF Chris Connolly via UD to become Amateur Welterweight Champion

Professional (3 x 5 minutes)

Daryl Grant DEF Constantin Radoi via TKO (GnP) 3:44 rnd 2


Luckas Marcinkowski (c) DEF Tommy Cook via RNC 4:08 rnd 1 to retain the Middleweight Title

Craig Rawlins DEF Matthew Thomas via RNC 1:18 rnd 1

Ben Rees DEF Paul Reed via TKO (medical stoppage) 5:00 end of rnd 1 to become the Super Featherweight Champion

Bernie Gomm (c) DEF Terry Doyle via RNC 3:07 rnd 1 to become retain the Lightweight Champion

Wes Murch DEF Lawrence Jordan Tracey via KO 2:41 rnd 1 to become the Welterweight Champion

RAGED X – The rise of the MMA fight scene in Swindon

Saturday 5th October 2013 will probably be a date most hardcore fight fans now have ingrained on their brain, after all, it was the debut of the ‘Fight Club’ hosted event ‘Caged’, a taster event with a mixture of White-Collar boxing, K1 and MMA being held in Swindon.

The brainchild of former ‘Fight Club’ promoter Gary Turland and fight matchmaker Michael “OZ” Osborne of Swindon Vale Tudo/Scorpion Gym. Also, one of Swindon’s first athletes to compete in a mixed martial art event back in the ’90s decided the town needed a fight scene.

It was safe to say that the taster event went down as a massive success having had two white collar boxing bouts, one K1 bout, three amateur MMA bouts and two pro-MMA bouts; in total eight fights to the delight of the Swindon crowd.

On Saturday, March 7th, 2015 ‘Raged UK MMA’ put on their first official mixed martial arts show after their first taster event back in 2013, with a host of amateur and professional bouts on the card.

Fast forward to Saturday, May 25th and ‘Raged UK MMA’ will be hosting their tenth event at their new venue, The Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon.

Firmly putting Swindon on the map as a ‘fight town’ the promotion has gone from strength to strength with athletes competing from all over the UK.  Not only content with being one of the South West’s most prominent MMA events but also implementing two new weight divisions as fighter safety is paramount. The promotion has added in a light welterweight division at 73kg and a super featherweight division at 68.5kg.

“Adding new weight divisions opens up a wider range of fights for matchmaking, however, more importantly is fighter safety” said promoter Gary Turland adding “I’ve seen a few injuries along with fighters becoming dehydrated after cutting a lot of weight so as a promotion we are trying to make things a bit safer”.

‘Raged X’ takes place this Saturday, May 25th at The Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon.

Limited tickets are still available from www.raged.uk or at the venue itself which will incur a surcharge of £5 each for paying on the door. (cash is accepted on the door).

Ticket prices: Standard £25 (£5 extra on the door)

                          Ringside £35 (£5 extra on the door)

Doors open 6.30pm first fight 6.45pm

Under 18’s must be accompanied by a guardian

Please note the venue is CARD PAYMENTS ONLY at the bar




Ricky Norman vs Lukasz Pierscinski

Rich Lukacs vs Jack Bryant

Matthew Thorn vs Steve Ridgway

Rikki Wyatt vs Maro Roznovjak

Christopher Whitfield vs Jesse Mccann

Rio Joseph vs Gary Trevett

Ben Ay vs Grant Ogborne

Vacant Featherweight title – Kirk Heely vs Dean Hart

James Prenderville vs Stephen Todman

Vacant Welterweight title – Chris Connolly vs Tom Enstone


Daryl Grant vs Constatini Radoi

MIDDLEWEIGHT TITLE – Tommy Cook vs Luckas Marcinkowski (c)

Matthew Thomas vs Craig Rawlins


VACANT LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE – Terry Doyle vs Bernie Gomm

VACANT WELTERWEIGHT TITLE – Wes Murch vs Lawrence Jordan Tracey

*Fight card subject to change at anytime

Pain Pit: Anarchy – Full Fight Results October 17th 2015

Pain Pit : Anarchy took place in Newport, Wales last night at the Newport Centre, holding an exciting 18 fights on their card, for which two of those bouts were professional contests.

pain pit anarchy

Here are the full results:


Rikki Fortuna  Def Ashley Williams via Rear Naked Choke  at 1.39  R1

Daryl Grant Def James Saunders via TKO (GnP)  at 1.39  R2


70kg Ammy Title Nathan Ford Def. Scott Pederson via Submission (Armbar) at  2:20 R1



66kg Ammy Tom Karpinski Def. John Mcdevitt via TKO (GnP) at  1:15  R1

70kg Ammy Sami Hasheem Def. Kai Maybury via Submission (Guillotine) at 1:32  R1

105kg Ammy Ash Amos Def. Jordan Burton via TKO (Ref stoppage) at 1.33  R1

84kg Ammy Adam Mayo Def. Christian Duncan via Split Decision

70kg Ammy Tom Wood Def. Andrew Spiteri via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at  0:52  Rd 1

65.8kg Ammy Aidan James Def. Gavin Theo via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at  1:20  Rd 1

61kg Ammy Johnny Bryant Def. Sean Scrivens via Split Decision

77kg Ammy Liam Shotbolt Def. Ewan Wilson via Unanimous Decision

77kg Ammy Jack Tucker Def. Kyle Benger via Submission (Kimura)  at 0:46  Rd 1

77kg Ammy Elliot Thomas Def. Struan Croxan via Unanimous Decision

84kg Ammy Lvl 2 Mike Todd Def. Kelvin Robinson via KO at 0:57 Rd 1

77kg Ammy Lvl 2 James Price Def. Mike Crole via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at  2:59  Rd 2

93kg Ammy Lvl 2 Jamie Boyle Def. Craig Molton via Unanimous Decision

77kg Ammy Lvl 3 Harry Hassell Def. Keiron Cameron via Unanimous Decision

67kg Ammy Lvl 3 U18s Ben Oliver Def Scott Vincent via Submission (Triangle) at  0:42  Rd 1


Fight of the Night

Stru Croxan v Elliot Thomas

KO of the Night

Mark Todd

Submission of the Night

Nathan ford


`Ultimate Impact 11 held their first event of 2014 Benskin VS Cook 2  at their new location of GL1 Leisure Centre in Gloucester on Saturday 22nd February to an electrified, pumped up full house.

With six K1 fights on the card including four female K1 fights and seven MMA fights, Paul Sutherland and Dan Richards had definitely pulled this one out of the bag yet again with each show just getting better and better.

The main event was all about the Middleweight Title re-match between Lenny Benskin and Tommy Cook, after the first outing ended in a DQ for Lenny Benskin in which Tommy Cook gained The Middleweight Title; it was there in the centre of the cage both men agreed to an instant re-match and tonight was the night.

Referee’s Ron Frith and Leon Roberts were the third men in the cage and MC for the night was Darren Rees.

It was time to get the first fight underway and the atmosphere of the crowd in the new home of UIC, you could already start to feel the warm, electric vibe.


JACK PRICE    FURY MMA     0-1             JACK ‘THE LORD’SHORE    TILLERY COMBAT      2-0

Rnd 1 Both men are straight of out  the cage but it’s Shore who gains the TD and quickly moves into side control and then top position raining blows on Price who is trying to defend the flurry of shots and whilst doing so turns onto his stomach. Shore is controlling the action from the outset, and then sealing Price’s fate with a RNC at the 2min 3sec mark of Round 1. 




Rnd 1 Elkova straight in with kicks in this fast paced opening few seconds. Malina pushing forward as the aggressor and drops Elkova, then Malina comes in with a lovely superman punch using her clean timed punches well. Elkova moving forward using her punches and making good use of her sidekicks.

Rnd 2 Both women come out fast, Malina coming forward with her punches and starting to use more of her leg kicks, Elkova Is starting to come into her own as both women trade alike, Malina with a great spinning back fist, Elkova moving forward and making this a two-sided affair.

Rnd 3 Elkova straight in with a one, two combination followed by Malina landing a spinning back fist and a flying knee in this fast paced round.  Both women have a sense of urgency about them in this final round with neither giving an inch as the sound of clappers go for the last ten seconds Malina drops Elkova.  WINNER VIA DECISION PAULINA MALINA 

Paulina 'Young Gun' Malina
(c) NJFPhotography.com



RND 1 Both women come out fast; Trevena making use of angles whilst Fendt is stalking down her opponent, Trevena is in and out, circling off to the side as Fendt is still finding her range and rhythm but also landing some awesome kicks and punches in the process.  Trevena has landed her own shots this first round and it is definitely not a one sided affair.

Rnd 2 Trevena is out first and lands with a front kick for which Fendt replies with a brutal sidekick, Trevena drops to her knees in agony.   Referee Ron Frith checks Trevena is able to carry on – all the while Fendt’s corner are shouting at the ref for allowing ‘too much time’ and Trevena’s corner are telling her to ‘suck it up’ but the look on Trevena’s face tells a different story!  With Fendt knowing she had done damage, she finds her rhythm coming forward landing brutal knees and kicks just as it signals for the end of the round.

Rnd 3 Fendt having found her earlier momentum and rhythm she is straight back where she left off  throwing some brutal leg kicks and knees then threw an awesome head kick which KO’d Trevena at 1min 01 sec Rnd 3WINNER LEA FENDT VIA KO

Lea Fendt KO's Zowie Trevena via Head Kick   (c) NJPhotography.com



Rnd1 Abulafur is straight out with punches, Figlak attempts an TD but Abdulafur pulls guard, Figlak in side control then gains top position where both men are working battling it out, Figlak being the dominant one with top position but Abulafur also working hard from bottom position.

Rnd 2 Figlak straight out and gains the TD, working hard from mount only for Abulafur to get back to his feet briefly and Figlak take him down again although whilst doing so Abulafur has made the error in leaving his arm out and Figlak  capilatizes on this but to no avail. Figlak gains another TD and continues to control Abulafur from mount.

Rnd 3 Figlak comes out punching and gets the TD, working from mount controlling Abdulafur this is far by means a one sided affair as Abdulafur is holding his own in this well evenly matched fight.


(c) NJPhotography.com



Rnd 1 Both men come out fast and are going for this like there is no tomorrow, it is constant action from the beginning with neither man not backing down. Both men are looking fierce but i’m sensing  Harthill is just wanting it a bit more in this very even first round.

Rnd 2 Sansom comes out and lands an awesome high kick but its Harthill that is like a man possessed, then at  1min 16 secs  Harthill KO’s Sansom. WINNER MATT HARTHILL VIA KO

(c) NJPhotography.com



Rnd 1 Both men opened up with exchanges of kicks, Wallace gains the TD whilst Grant is working of his back looking for a submission, sees a small opening for an arm triangle and attempts to secure the position but to no avail.

Rnd 2 Grant opens the round with kicks and Wallace returns the favour an awesome sidekick as he does Grant comes rushing forward, there is a scramble of some sorts, I am yelling Wallace watch for the guillotine, next you know, Grant seals the deal with the Guillotine at 0.25 secs Rnd 2.




Rnd 1 Both women come our fierce, with pure intention, working there kicks and solid knees whilst in the clinch position, Donnelly lands a lovely spinning back fist whilst Harper appears to be keeping it basic and trying to find her range in this first round.

Rnd 2 Both women come straight out firing shots at one another; Donnelly is really mixing it up well, Harper has now found her range and is landing more of her strikes on target but that is not to say Donnelly is not in this fight, quite the opposite.   Donnelley is coming back with counter punches and knees of her own, making this a very even fight at this point.

Rnd 3 Harper has found her rhythm and Donnelly appears to have been caught in Harpers clinches and been dealt some of Harpers knees, just when you think Donnelley is backed up against the cage she comes back and dominates the last 15 seconds or so of this very evenly fought fight.


(c) NJPhotography.com



Rnd 1 Great opening round for both men, both men are feeling each other out, Sakhizedeh teeps Jones straight in the face but this does not faze Jones, he is still moving forward throughout the first round and neither man is not backing down.

Rnd 2 Sakhizedeh straight in and shoots, gains the TD, working in top position as Jones is moving back to his corner against the cage on his back then is back to his feet. Sakhizedeh shoots in for another TD just before the end of the round finishes.

Rnd 3 Sakhizedeh comes out and get Jones in a great Arm Drag Wrestling move for which the crowd go wild, Jones is straight back to his feet, Sakhizedeh has Jones against the cage working for a position but to no avail. The action moves towards the centre of the cage, Sakhizedeh shows more of his great pedigree background in wrestling.  Jones puts up a terrific fight but he was just out wrestled on the night.  WINNER AMAN SAKHIZEDEH VIA UD



Rnd 1 Finney straight in with a one, two combination and knocks Evans down Finney on top raining blows.  Evans manages to get back up and both men are going back at it, there’s a scramble and Evans attempts an guillotine, Finney escapes by cage walking – but you really had to see this ‘technique’ he pulled off to escape back to his feet.  As soon as they are back to their feet neither man is backing down, it again goes back to the ground and both men are fighting hard for Top position, Evans sees Finney has his arm out during one of their many ‘roll’s to gain Top position  and takes it at  4min 24 secs Rnd 1

(c) NJPhotography.com




Rnd 1 Both men come out with a striking clinic and neither man is backing down. Kaufman drops Smith in the last seconds of the rounds with a brutal leg kick.

Rnd 2 Smith lands a brutal leg kick that drops Kaufman who does a celebratory jump, which is a bit premature as Kaufman recovers and comes back fighting with a lot more intent.

Rnd 3 Smith lands a great right that dropped Kaufman but Kaufman is not shying away and is still pushing the action forward in this action packed fight.




Rnd 1 Bousiff straight out and catches Astley with a left hook which drops him, Bousiff is straight on Astley to finish the job in hand, landing several shots before referee Leon Roberts calls a stop to the fight at 0.19secsWINNER ADAM BOUSIFF VIA TKO



Rnd 1 Both women come out fast, Handy finding her target with her long reach and constant jabs and punches early on.  Baker being the more cautious fighter and using her kicks to start with. Handy gets Baker with one of her awesome knees and drops Baker in this opening round.

Rnd 2 Baker is out first and is using her kicks to reach Handy and it’s clear you can see Baker’s kicks have been damaging as I notice a big red mark on Handy’s left outside thigh.  Handy is pushing forward with her awesome punching making Baker work against the cage; this is a great display of who wants this title eliminator the most in this second round.

Rnd 3 Handy straight out and in with a one, two combination followed by her awesome knees and even more punches, making Baker work off the cage. This is not a one sided affair Baker is giving Handy her own share of kicks and punches which seems as Handy is coming under fire a little in the dying seconds of the final round, as she has Baker against the cage wall. Both women give it their all in this all-out war and leave everything in the cage.




Rnd 1 Cook shoots in and gets Benskin down, Cook on top and looking for a position all the while Cook is grinding out punches to Benskin, it gets back to their feet and Benskin is raining in some short sharp elbows to Cook’s head.  Cook then gets Benskin to the ground and throws his own punches on Benskin, showing just how much this Title fight means to both men. Benskin has managed to stop quite a few of Cook’s TD’s and only two have been successful in this opening, exiting round.

Rnd 2 Cook again shoots in and Benskin defends the TD perfectly and replies with short harsh elbows to Cook’s head.  Cook has Benskin against the cage and is throwing knees, and for a brief, second it did appear Benskin was in a bit of trouble but Benskin rolled out of it, Cook got straight back on Benskin raining blow after blow and even some nasty elbows.  Benskin is covering up at this point and Cook rolls him over and attempts a RNC to no avail.  Benskin turtles up and weathers the storm and the remainder of the round.

Rnd 3 Cook comes straight out and in for the TD for which he briefly gets as Benskin is straight out into side control against the cage.  Benskin trying to land punches but Cook has hold of his wrist and therefore gains wrist control although a few of Benskin punches manages to get through, Cook gets out and gets Benskins back only for Benskin to roll to his front.  Cook now in Top position, both trying to gain punches, Benskin gets Cook rolled over and he is now on Top in this ‘topsey turvey’ last few moments of this exciting Title Fight. It is clear to say that neither man wants to lose this fight. This fight had everything from start to finish and both men left everything in the cage.


UIC 11 Middleweight Champion
UIC 11 Middleweight Champion – Tommy Cook   (c) Emma Bramford

Photo Credits: NJFPhotography  

Painpit – New Breed March 2nd Event Report and Full Results

2nd March 2013

Pain Pit – New Breed  

Pain Pit New Breed


I arrived at Newport’s  Leisure Centre with anticipation having always had  Pain Pit events scheduled in my diary and now I had no reason not to go and the timing was exactly right.

The Opening fight of the night  in the Amateur Level 3 Rules (No Headshots) (2 x 3mins) saw  Welterweights  Mark Turnville  ( Trojan Cheltenham) against  Jack ‘The Tank’ Shore  (Tillery Combat) who seemed to be a crowd favourite here, Turnville opened up with some good leg kicks, whilst Shore went in for the clinch position, knowing exactly he wanted this on the ground fast, Turnville managed to get a big body slam to Shore who kept his composure attempting to secure a Triangle only for Turnville to be saved by the Bell, the 2nd rnd was pretty much the same as the 1st with a dominant Shore maintaining  Top position & control with good body shots & another triangle attempt even taking  Turnville’s back in the final seconds.  Winner by UD Jack ‘The Tank’ Shore

In the 2nd fight of the night we saw the Light Heavyweights Sam Cousins from Weston-Super-Mare (Team Savage) against Jamie Curtis (Tillery Combat)

Sam Cousins starts the action by getting  the early takedown & into top position for most of the 1st rnd action, until Jamie Curtis manages to get back to his feet both men are standing. Cousins is throwing low kicks & Curtis is catching most of them, Cousins gets another takedown in rnd 2 with both men very game in gaining control on the floor, Cousins manages to get Curtis into a Rear Naked Choke for the last 15 seconds of this fight and he hung on in their as the bell went. Winner by UD Sam Cousins

In the Third fight we  saw Middleweight contenders Dan Hamer (David Round) against Ian McLeod (Tillery Combat)

Both men come out fast & trading punches & kicks McLeod gets the early takedown & a guillotine attempt, Hamer manages to get out, both men back to standing & trading punches, McLeod clips Hamer sending him to the floor,  McLeod seizing the moment attempts a  armbar  on Hamer who manages to hold on till end of the rnd. Start of rnd 2 McLeod gets Hamer with a great inside leg kick which sends him to the ground,  McLeod again struggles to gain top position which now sees him on his back setting up a triangle, Hamer submits Winner McLeod 2.15 rnd 2 Triangle Choke

Fourth fight of the night and were on to  Amateur Level 2 (Headshots Standing Only) ( 3×3 mins)

And the atmosphere was electric to what appeared to be a sold out Newport Leisure Centre again I can see why Pain Pit was living up to its reputation and we were only on the 4th fight of the night.

Welterweights Daniel Owens (Chris Rees ) against Ryan Legge  (Tillery Combat)

It was a great start by both guys, fast paced both exchanging shots with Owens taking control in the first part of the action, Legge soon got to work on the ground but decided to let  Owens back up to his feet with both men exchanging blows as it’s nearing the end of rnd 1  Legge gets  Owens with a good Right Hook, bell goes. As we start rnd 2  Legge took  Owens straight to the ground looking to take him out with a Triangle choke &  Owens Tapped Winner Legge 1.06 rnd 2 Triangle Choke

Fifth fight another welterweight match between Daniel Griffiths (Vendetta) against Patrick Magourlic (David Round)

Both men come out fast but its Griffiths who is pushing forward both men are exchanging kicks & punches, Magourlic takes it to the floor but its  Griffiths who gets Magourlic in a Head & Arm Choke Winner Griffiths 2.57 Rnd 1 Head & Arm Choke

Sixth Fight is a Lightweight fight between Paul Rodgers (Chris Rees) against Thomas James (Savage MMA)

Thomas James wastes no time & goes straight in & gets a takedown, gains top position, Paul Rodgers has a great technical defensive game from his back as he tries for a armbar then triangle from below,  Rodgers technical skills are  showing through in this fight and its Rodgers who gets the Kimura Winner Rodger 2.45 rnd 1 Kimura

Seventh fight & I knew as soon as I saw these fighters it would go the distance, let’s call it a gut instinct I have!  Its Light Heavyweight time and we have Gareth Stacey (NMMA) against Simas Norkus (Brotherhood MMA)

Norkus  gets the Takedown just where you would want this fight to go if you were a former European & US Wrestling Champ!  Stacey is working  hard to stop  Norkus passing his guard,  Stacey does point out to the ref which at this point is right in front of me  Norkus is holding onto his glove & pulling it back, so is warned lightly of this, this fight is staying as expected on the floor,  Norkus tries a knee bar, which  Stacey looks to ref & points out is illegal, Stacey capitalizes on this & gets Norkus on his back if only for a few seconds, Stacey is back to being on his back but bar no means is this fight boring, or very one-sided,  Stacey is doing a very good job of keeping Norkus of gaining the wrist control he is looking for by shrimping  #101 #basics, this fight goes from strength to strength with  Norkus being dominant though out even locking in a RNC in rnd 2 but  Stacey hung on as the bell went, great display of technical skills from both men in this fight. Winner UD Simas Norkus

The Eighth fight was in the Lightweight division and was crowd pleaser , sporting a green Mohawk Jason “Grasshopper”Jenkins (Falcons)  who entrance alone tore the roof of the leisure centre  against Sean Meany (Chris Rees)

Meany came out & got the first takedown early but it was  Jenkins showing dominant skills, control & body shots for the rest of the 1st rnd, the 2nd rnd  Jenkins goes for a takedown but  Meany sprawls,  Jenkins still gets  Meany where he wants him on the ground , a nice axe kick followed by the famous “Grasshopper” move allowed Jenkins to get Meany in a Gulliotine choke Winner Jenkins 1.12 Rnd 2 Guillotine Choke

Nineth Fight of the night we move onto the Unified Amateur Rules (3x3mins)

Light Heavyweight bout between Sam Stockdale from Cornwall (Fusion MMA) against Ryan Marshall (Tillery Combat)

This has the crowd on their feet as Ryan Marshall’s entrance  music is beginning to be played which is ironically is a sample of a Eminem track – business, (If you haven’t heard it look it up on YouTube then you will know where I’m coming from) you can now tell this is a packed venue with a great atmosphere.

Stockdale gets this fight underway with some great knees &  Marshall exchanges with some shots of his own, Stockdale gets the early takedown but not for long, both men on their feet but this time its Marshall who got the Takedown & gets top position with some vicious GnP, Stockdale doing well to defend Marshall off in the 1st rnd. We go into the 2nd rnd Marshall gets the takedown & takes top position Stockdale defends really well & gains Top position raining blows down on Marshall, not lasting for long as Marshall gains top position; this is a battle of who really wants it the most; it ends up against the fence with both men standing, Marshall gets a great Big Body slam & top position but again not for long as Stockdale then gains top position, as we enter the final rnd  Stockdale opens up with great leg kicks & gets a takedown but blink again & Marshall is in Top Position this is a real contender for #FOTN in my books both men are going toe-toe & ground to ground with one another, Marshall lets  Stockdale get back to his feet (we know Ryan Marshall has a great pedigree in Boxing skills & this is where he likes its best) not taking nothing at all away from Stockdale, as Stockdale is back to his feet  Marshall’s corner is shouting at him to get another takedown – & that’s what happened. Winner UD Ryan Marshall #FOTN for me.

Fight Ten sees us back in the Featherweight division Daryl Grant from Sidmouth (Lionsden) against Josh Reed (Tillery Combat)

Grant comes out with strong Leg kicks &  Reed answers with strong Punches, Reed takes this to the ground with a great text-book Guillotine Winner Josh Reed 0.52 Rnd 1 Guillotine Choke #SUB of the night for me

Fight Eleven  Middleweight Division between Will Davies (Chris Davies) and Lenny Benskin (Brotherhood MMA) Now this one I was particularly looking forward too, I had heard on the grapevine there had been a bit of bad blood between these two guys so I was hoping for them to leave it all in the cage tonight & boy I wasn’t disappointed.

There was a touch of gloves of some sorts to start with but Will Davies was very sneaky & went straight from there a bit too quick – sneaky! Davies  was straight in trading toe – toe & got a big slamming takedown, but  Benskin was having none of it, turned it round & ended on top position,  Benskin let Davies stand as this is where Benskin likes to do more damage & to dish punishment at its best, he comes in with a superman punch up against the fence which takes Davies to the floor from there Benskin is raining blow after blow until referee Mark Woodard stepped in & stops the fight Winner Lenny Benskin 1.52 Rnd 1 G’n’P 

Fight twelve were now at the PRO fights first in the Light Weight Division

Dave Addicott (DOW) against Kyle Prosser (Tillery Combat)  Addicott goes straight in with leg kicks whilst  Prosser goes to sweep Addicott’s leg to go for a takedown,  Prosser is on bottom position but don’t let this fool you, he is very dominant & active going for a triangle & armbar attempt which fails then he is raining hard elbows to  Addicotts middle of his head which I can hear from where I am sat,  Prosser goes for another triangle attempt but Addicott breaks full guard, Prosser still raining hard elbows & dominating from back position. Rnd 2nd & Addicott pushes forward,  Addicott gets the takedown and  Prosser doing text-book defending from his back and attempts yet another triangle but unsuccessful,  Addicott is doing all he can in the meantime unleashing some blows to  Prosser, but  Prosser defending well. We enter the last rnd both men are toe – toe trading blows,  Addicott catches  Prosser with a straight right to cause a devastating split across his left eye, referee Mark Woodard steps in & gets the Medics to look at the cut, the Medics say the fight cannot go on, this is unfortunate No-one wants to win by a Dr Stoppage in this Game & on my cards I had Prosser winning 2 rnds up! Winner Dave Addicott 1.18 Rnd 3 DR Stoppage 

Fight thirteen in the Welterweight division with Nottingham’s up and coming Max Cotton (RAW) against Owain Parry (Tillery Combat)

Both Men come out ready to trade toe-to-toe,  Parry comes out with a Spinning Back fist that misses, the fast Cotton catches Parry with a right cross which floors him, Cotton isn’t stopping there though and he goes to carry on until the Referee Mark Woodard steps in Winner Max Cotton 0.23 secs rnd 1 TKO #KO of the night for me.

Fight fourteen of the night is a Lightweight Title Fight between Jamie Rogers (DOW) against Marc ‘suplex’ Allen from Cheltenham (Trojan)

Both Men came out fast Rogers seemed to push the pace having  Allen up against the cage which seemed where he liked the fight to be; he got Allen in a tight Guillotine Choke for over a good minute, but Allen was standing his ground with good defensive work & not giving in & clearly taking instructions from his corner who I could hear from where I was sat, although with no action happening referee Mark Woodard urged the fighters to do some work,  Allen capitalized on this and managed to sink in a tight RNC which forced Rogers to tap with 9 secs left in the 1st rnd. Winner Marc Allen 4.51 Rnd 1  RNC  NEW Pain Pit Light Weight Title 

The Main Event was for the Bantamweight Title Brett ‘Pikey’ Johns ( Chris Rees) against Joe’ Orrible’ Orrey (Tillery Combat)

Both Men come out exchanging punches & its  Orrey who is pushing the pace to start with, Johns gets the early takedown and as we know this is where he loves to be & is comfortable at his best, rolling around, with his awesome technical skills from his Judo background, this could be anyone’s fight the way it is going back and forth for control Orrey gets top position and lands some real nasty horrible elbows this is obviously where his nickname comes in, finally Johns goes for a armbar attempt & gets it, it’s all too much for  Orrey who is quite emotional right in front of me. Winner Brett Johns 3.59 Rnd 1 Armbar New Pain Pit Bantamweight Title 


1-me working at pain pit march 2nd 2013

Full Results

Pro Fights


Brett Johns (Chris Rees) Def Joe Orrey (Tillery Combat)  Via Armbar 3.59 Round 1

Brett Johns Now Pain Pit Batamweight Champion 


Marc Allen (Trojan) Def Jamie Rogers (DOW) by Rear Naked Choke 4.51 Round 1

Marc Allen Now Pain Pit Lightweight Champion

Max Cotton (RAW) Def Owain Parry (Tillery Combat) TKO 0.23 secs Round 1

Dave Addicott (DOW) Def Kyle Prosser (Tillery Combat) Due to Doctor Stoppage (Split over eye)  1.18 Round 3

Unified Amateur (3 x 3 mins)

Lenny Benskin (Brotherhood) Def Will Davies (Chris Rees) by G’n’P 1.52 Round 1

Josh Reed (Tillery Combat) Def Daryl Grant (Lionsden) by Guillotine 0.52secs Round 1

Ryan Marshall (Tillery Combat) Def Sam Stockdale (Fusion Mma) Unanimous Decision

Amateur Level 2 (Head Shots Standing Only) (3 x 3 mins)

Jason Jenkins (Falcons) Def Sean Meany (Chris Rees) Via Guillotine 1.12 Round 2

Simas Norkus (Brotherhood) Def Gareth Stacey (NMMA) Via Unanimous decision

Paul Rogers (Chris Rees) Def Thomas James (Savage MMA) Via Kimura 2.45 Round 1

Daniel Griffiths (Vendetta) Def Patrick Magourlic (David Round) Via Head & Arm Choke 2.57 Round 1

Ryan Legge (Tillery Combat) Def Daniel Owens (Chris Rees) Via Triangle 1.06 Round 2

Amateur Level 3 ( No headshots) (2 x 3 mins)

Ian McLeod (Tillery Combat)  Def Dan Hamer (David Round)  Via Triangle 2.15 Round 2

Sam Cousins (Team Savage) Def Jamie Curtis (Tillery Combat) Via Unanimous Decision

Jack Shore ( Tillery Combat) Def Mark Turnville (Trojan) via Unanimous decision

Sub of the Night – Josh Reed

KO/TKO of the Night – Max Cotton

Fight of the Night – Sam Stockdale Vs. Ryan Marshall





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